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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Something to think about

As I was taught, when we begin believing there are simple explanations for the happenings of the universe, we are in dangerous territory. Physics is not simple. The complex nature and enormity of the universe is not simple, the ecosystem is not simple and so forth. So when I hear a theologian or philosopher talk about how simple reality is, I know He’s not talking about anything God made. When you analyze God’s art, it is not simple, it is extremely complex. In fact, the more we know about our reality, the more we understand it’s infinite intricacy.

We like simple explanations of reality because we like control. We want to stuff the complexity of the world into our little minds because if we can hold it all in our minds, there is no mystery. But God did not give us control over the complexity of the cosmos. He gave us limited control over ourselves, and those whom it is appropriate we care for, children and so forth. We get to choose where we pee, for instance. And to some degree we get to choose where our children pee. What we don’t get to control is who goes to heaven and who doesn’t.

In my twenties, I thought I understood God. I read a book or two and then believed my limited knowledge of God was all-encompassing. I defended my understanding of God with passion and even anger. I’d associated my identity with my answers and defended them as though they were part of my redemption, part of the portfolio I’d eventually show God that might impress Him so He’d let me into heaven. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to believe I don’t know everything about God. And not only that, I’ve had to admit and confess my desire to know everything about God was really about control. God does not give us comprehensive knowledge about all things.

I’ve become very comfortable answering questions by saying “I don’t know the answer to that. God gives us limited information, but here is what He’s chosen to tell us….”

I’ve given this answer to very complicated and contentious questions about the afterlife, about whether people interact with God here on earth, about state sovereignty and too many other issues to talk about.

Do right theological answers matter to me? Absolutely. Do I believe there are right answers to hard theological questions? Of course I do. Do I believe God has given us the answers to all the tough questions? I absolutely do not. I think God has given us limited information, much like a father does His children, giving them more information as they need it for their stage of life. I’d consider earth a kind of infancy, to be honest. I don’t think we are given much.

The issue to me is, then, about trust. Do I trust God? Do I have faith in God? Do I love God?

I often meet people who trust their answers about God, but it doesn’t seem like they trust God. When they but up against the unknown complexities of life, they find security in their own answers. They love their own minds.

This is what I believe pure and simple.

A message from me to you!

It is NOT the end of the world. Instead of "the end of the world" we may speak of "the end of the age" and be referring to the end of "life as we know it" and the beginning of a new reality.

It is usually a crisis that brings an end to current reality and ushers in a new way of living / thinking / being. This crisis may take the form of the intervention of a deity in history, a war, a change in the environment or the reaching of a new level of consciousness. In understanding this simple truth we are able to leave the abnormal fear that is felt in us over this reality and strive to complete the cycle. With this purpose that has been given to us, we are able to usher in a new age. There are those among us who are the guides for this time. They have information that is used to impart knowledge for the purpose of our survival and salvation. Listen to them when you find them. For their purpose has been pre ordained and they must speak the truth about the reality ahead, even if you do not wish to hear it. It is their truth, the worlds truth...OUR truth.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ghosts,Spirits and other beings

Many traditions and religions around the world explain paranormal activity and how to deal with situations in which spirits manifest disturbing the order. In the past, dealing with such entities was common and in every village there was a person in charge of taking care of "the other side," whether to get spiritual help from the entities or to help spirits find peace. In every culture these people were found under the name of shamans, magicians, wizards and healers.In my tribe they are called Alik'chi. I am called upon to deal with the others. Sometimes they are friendly and other times they are not. I have dealt with them since the age of 3. People often ask me why I do what I do, and there is really only one answer for this question: If I did not then who would? Many times, spirits don't want to leave a place that once belonged to them, or people that that they once loved, so they stay around the area. This is why hauntings are usually associated to a place or a person, who a spirit may feel attached to for a number of reasons. It's also common to find spirits that stay near a specific person because they knew each other in past lives and the spirit wants to be close to a beloved person who is alive in the physical world.

If a person is vulnerable, sensible or has any psychic ability, this person can feel and sense the presence of a spirit in a place. Being attached to the physical world when one does not have a physical body can be overwhelming, even if the spirit means well.

I always offer this bit of advice to people: if you know you have a ghost or spirit around you, please be kind. They are just as lost or confused as you may be.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Why are certain individuals prone to see ufo's, while others arenot? Why do some have one vivid ufo sighting while others experiencerepeated encounters with extraterrestrial or interdimensionaloccupants over long periods of time? I've seen dozens and dozens ofufo's which I know do not match any conventional explanation. I havealso encountered at any hour of the day, anywhere, alone or withfriends a number of sentient beings.

I began to wonder why?

I'mwondering if my being able to sense a ufo is closely linked to it'sspectrum and my ability to sense that specific vibration. UFO's emitcertain para frequencies of color and sound, for instance to berecognised and analysed only by those tuned to perceive.

If whatI'm thinking is correct, another question is: what allows me to becapable of perceiving a frequency that others cannot? Was Iintentionally prepared , perhaps by the ufo occupants interference viagenetic manipulation or by simple evolution( I intuit that the functionof non - coding DNA may apply here) to register frequencies that mostof earth'a human population does not and for that reason I am able tosense them, see them and hear them before others?

we are Divine Spirits~

I believe that because everything is part of Divine Spirit, everything that exists also contains a fragment of Spirit. Like a fragment of a mirror is still a mirror in itself, so the fragments of Spirit are still Spirit. But we refer to them as the spirit of a plant or a stone or a place.

While most of these spirits are closely related to a material thing, some spirits have no material form at all. The most well-known of these are Gods and Goddesses. They are powerful fragments of Spirit who express the Life Force more purely than we ever could.

Each God or Goddess has his or her particular personality and energy. It is as if the glass of each of these windows has a different colour. So if we choose to work with a particular God or Goddess, or they choose us, we percieve the light of Spirit in one particular refraction. No God or Goddess known to humans can ever express all the truth of Life and Spirit.

It is the task of each of us to become clear and transparent as a window ourselves, so that we, too, can let the light shine through.

We are all interconnected

We are all One Spirit, we are all interconnected. These interconnections are like filaments in a spider's web. Everything is connected to everything else in an infinite Web of relationships.

We are all connected to and dependent on each other. There are obvious connections, like the one between me and the farmer who grew the wheat that became the bread that I eat. Or the one between me and the worm whose little tunnels air the soil of the field where that wheat grew.

But the relationships are also more subtle. I believe that our relationship with each other is also emotional and spiritual. I believe that there will be pain and emotional distress in the human community, as long as we don't acknowledge our intimate relationship with the Earth and begin to put right some of the damage we have done.

Yet on the other hand I also believe that we humans, individually, are powerless to correct that damage until we have healed from some of the damage that has been done to us. We have to heal our own pain inflicted on us by our culture or the circumstances of our lives in order to become clear, transparent enough to become a window and let the light through.

I believe that his healing can happen through a more conscious relationship with Spirit all around us and with the cycles of Naure. These cycles are made explicit on the Wheel of Life.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weakness and Steyemah

Sometimes I end up feeling hopeless with the Ste'ye'mah. After all I insist on attributing human feelings to them even though they do not necessarily have them. I guess it is the human part that is in all of us that makes me do it. Ki'ho'sa does have feelings of territory and loyalty..they do laugh which means they have some type of humor...even if I do not always understand it. Anger I know as well they have. Sadness yes...but then there is the alien side...having to look at an animals eyes as it dies...freaks me out. They play with the a cat with a mouse. I have watched them many times do the voice throwing to scare the animals and listened as they whoop with joy at it;s fright. Too strange for me. Gutting and pulling eyes out and leaving them wth sticks stuck in them is very cruel to me. Watching them break a leg on a deer to leave it for later as it suffers has caused me to have to run in fright because I have stabbed it to kill it( I do not use guns when with them). I will never get used to it I am afraid which makes me weak in their eyes and mine too.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Whose Agenda is It?

Though Christianity has dismissed its own tradition which tells of subterranean demons and devils . Who else are the Grays, Chupacabras, and the other horrific-looking beings ? As long as we think of them as originating from distant star galaxies, we don't associate them with the demons told of by various scriptures, i.e., the Bible, the Koran and the Vedic literature. The Christian tradition does not describe demons riding high technology vehicles such as UFOs, but it can borrow from other traditions that do, such as the Hindu Puranas, which tell of the amazing craft of the demon Salva. The UFO occupants are not affable space brothers but, rather, the demons which all good literature and traditions warn against.

Sometimes it is hard for the mainstream individual to accept the idea of a worldwide conspiracy such as the New World Order is depicted to be. But if the surface world were under such sophisticated manipulation of the likes that only telepathic beings flying out of the inner world in flying saucers could mount, this would lend justification to the claim of a conspiracy by a mysterious, hidden elite. It would then be implicit that the international banking and business elite are not the ultimate cause, that there is a more remote cause behind them.

What in the World?

Let us consider the Earth itself for a moment. We live upon the planetary skin libe microbes on a wrecking ball. We know more about the surface of Mars and Venus than we do about the bottom of our own deep ocean trenches, or about the true nature of the Earth's crust, which is like the skin on an orange. The thin layer that we call the surface world is really a very limited domain. The crust of Earth goes down around 43 miles in thickness. The Mohorovicic is an anomalous region of lesser density that upon seismic examination seems to be composed of hills and valleys, peaks and other words it is a vast world wide cavern system probably varying in internal condition depending on it's nearness to a magma pocket. It is absolutely honeycombed with concavities,cracks,fissures and underground rivers and of course caves and caverns. For instance, Mammoth Cave is a limestone cavern system and is so huge that only 150 miles of it have been explored...the full extent of how far it extends is unknown to us. The biggest cave explored so far is Lechuguilla, a blowing cave of tremendous size. Expeditions go into it for days and weeks, yet it seems to never end. Like many cavern systems it has a strong wind which blows with great force from it's entrance ...What is the source of this wind and why is it continuous? Blowing cave in AR is another example of this as are many others. This seemingly uninterrupted flow of tremendous volumes of air would indicate an ultimate source of both great pressure and great volume. Do these cavern systems reach down eventually to the Moho layer itself, where tremendous pressure still exists?

Do you realize that every single group of people on this Earth have some legend of an underworld populated by others? I want to tell you a story: The Toronto Sun, Canada Sunday Sun reported a meeting of one of these denizens of the deep in March 25 1979 issue. A man called Ernest had lost his cat into a cavern close to his home beneath the streets near his Parliament St. apartment, through an entrance covered by an ancient broken slab of concrete, he slid through and was in and entirely different realm: " It was pitch black in there...I saw it with my flashlight. The eyes were orange and red, slanted like a monkey...three feet long, large teeth,weighing maybe thirty pounds with slate grey fur. I'll never forget it Ernest tells. It said GO AWAY, GO AWAY in a hissing voice. Then it took off down the long tunnel to the side and I got out of there as fast as I could go!" When the reporter went with Ernest to see the tunnel the concrete slab had been crushed resulting in an effective way to keep topsiders out. Ernest believed the tunnel ran further downward . As often happens in the case of the haunts of trolls, imps and fairiesthe entrance was effectively sealed after it was discovered by a human, this happens more often than people in the cities and suburbs realize....

Have I got you thinking yet?

Hessdalen and the Light Spiral

Let us consider the Earth itself for a moment. We live upon the planetary skin libe microbes on a wrecking ball. We know more about the surface of Mars and Venus than we do about the bottom of our own deep ocean trenches, or about the true nature of the Earth's crust, which is like the skin on an orange. The thin layer that we call the surface world is really a very limited domain. The crust of Earth goes down around 43 miles in thickness. The Mohorovicic is an anomalous region of lesser density that upon seismic examination seems to be composed of hills and valleys, peaks and other words it is a vast world wide cavern system probably varying in internal condition depending on it's nearness to a magma pocket. It is absolutely honeycombed with concavities,cracks,fissures and underground rivers and of course caves and caverns. For instance, Mammoth Cave is a limestone cavern system and is so huge that only 150 miles of it have been explored...the full extent of how far it extends is unknown to us. The biggest cave explored so far is Lechuguilla, a blowing cave of tremendous size. Expeditions go into it for days and weeks, yet it seems to never end. Like many cavern systems it has a strong wind which blows with great force from it's entrance ...What is the source of this wind and why is it continuous? Blowing cave in AR is another example of this as are many others. This seemingly uninterrupted flow of tremendous volumes of air would indicate an ultimate source of both great pressure and great volume. Do these cavern systems reach down eventually to the Moho layer itself, where tremendous pressure still exists?

Do you realize that every single group of people on this Earth have some legend of an underworld populated by others? I want to tell you a story: The Toronto Sun, Canada Sunday Sun reported a meeting of one of these denizens of the deep in March 25 1979 issue. A man called Ernest had lost his cat into a cavern close to his home beneath the streets near his Parliament St. apartment, through an entrance covered by an ancient broken slab of concrete, he slid through and was in and entirely different realm: " It was pitch black in there...I saw it with my flashlight. The eyes were orange and red, slanted like a monkey...three feet long, large teeth,weighing maybe thirty pounds with slate grey fur. I'll never forget it Ernest tells. It said GO AWAY, GO AWAY in a hissing voice. Then it took off down the long tunnel to the side and I got out of there as fast as I could go!" When the reporter went with Ernest to see the tunnel the concrete slab had been crushed resulting in an effective way to keep topsiders out. Ernest believed the tunnel ran further downward . As often happens in the case of the haunts of trolls, imps and fairiesthe entrance was effectively sealed after it was discovered by a human, this happens more often than people in the cities and suburbs realize....

Have I got you thinking yet?

Evil is Evil No Way Around It

The concept of Satan does not go far enough in its explanation of this entity. This concept actually encompasses all of these entities that are simply called Black Souls. These Black Souls or entities when seen psychically are totally black in outline with absolutely no light shining around their outline at all! I am talking here about the very essence of their soul or spirit, not about their physical incarnated bodies.

In opposite to these things are the others when seen psychically show a white radiating light all around their soul or spirit outline essence! These particular souls don't destroy and create evil for others. They build constructively in opposite to what these Black Souls do.

Eon's ago these Black Entities migrated to this planet and created this total garbage dump that presently exists right now. Its a very constructive place not to be incarnated into. Right.

Many of these souls with the white radiating light around them were sent by God or the Creator and the Upper Hierarchy of spirits to correct this planetary mess which these Black Entities created here.

Usually when I deliver sermons I try very hard to keep them positive. Very seldom do I speak of hellfire and brimstone. But, in this instance I feel it is very important for me to get my point across about this world and the beings that live on it, in it and under it. The New Testament book of Revelation (Apocalypse)5:13 leaves no doubt that suberranean races exist beneath both land and sea on this earth:

"And every creature (race or people) which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth, and such as are in the sea"....

Rev.5:13 No man in heaven, in earth, neither under the earth was able to open the book nor look thereupon..."

Now, why do I quote these scriptures here? Because as humans that live upon this massive ball traveling around our sun, we are under the scientific impression that we are alone here. WE ARE NOT!

Think about every single socalled fairy tale,legend or story you have heard about fairies,elves,gnomes,trolls,monsters etc. They use glamour magic to fool us. They are highly intelligent and banished to the underworld for a reason. They are evil. When interacting with them we must remember that they are represented as tricksters and liars in every single history of their kind. They were banished to the below for a reason.

I post this because it has come to my attention that there are some on this site who insist on believing everything they are told by these creatures. I interact with them as they have found a way through my defenses around my property, we had an earthquake about 7 yrs.ago and they are prolific now that there is a big crack letting them out. I am NOT telling anyone to NOT interact, I believe that everyone can learn something at some time even from something evil. The trick is to be prepared to disbelieve any and everything they tell you. And when you are sick of them, order them back where they come from by reciting the Lords prayer or simply ordering them in the name of Heavenly Father. You are a piece of him you know, so you have this ability. He knew they were here and gave us a way to protect ourselves. Use it.

They really are nice...right?

If you have gossamer-winged do-gooders in mind when the word 'fairy' is mentioned, forget it. The Cinderella-style fairy Godmother who bestows gifts and acts as guardian angel could be closer, but is not the full picture. Eye witness accounts suggest the Good Folk are much like humans - they're not all Tom Thumb-sized and enjoy a good boogie and brawl as much as the next entity, although they have the advantage of invisibility, immortality, flying and shape-shifting.

In 1907 anthropologist Walter Evans-Wentz began to journey through Brittany, Cornwall, Scotland and Ireland to interview people who had encountered fairies. Some witnesses told him that fairies are noble and tall and looked like humans except for their luminosity and/or translucence. Evans-Wentz recounts reports of hunts at which participants were dressed in Elizabethan costume, processions between old forts, and displays of bell-ringing outside ancient churches. Wee Folk were often seen and heard to be engaged in warfare. Wood-Martin reports that in 1797 an army of fairies marched across the bog between Maryborough and Stadybally at midday, and that in 1800 two little armies fought either side of a Kilkenny road. Although blood was found, the only casualty discovered was squashed foliage.

Elf-arrows were supposedly shot by elves at people and cattle out of malice or as revenge. According to Gardner, before the battle of Trei-Gruinard in 1598, a little man called Du-Sith (Black Elf) was hired, who was generally believed to be one of the Good Folk. He killed the opponent with an arrow considered an Elf-bolt. In old Highland families there are several treasures of reputed fairy origin, including a Fairy Flag preserved at Dunvegan Castle. That banner, left behind by a startled fairy woman, brought victory to the Clan at the battles of Glendale and Waternish, and reputedly would again.

In 1968, the people of Ballymagroartyscotch were outraged when road builders threatened to cut down a skeog (fairy tree). Several contractors refused to destroy the tree; one said, "I heard of a chap with the electricity board, and he cut down a fairy tree, and the next day he fell off an electricity pole and was killed". Eventually, the road was diverted. In the 1960s a sidhe (fairy mound) was discovered to be in the way of a planned airport in Ireland; again, builders would not touch it. The airport sidhe became the focal point of controversy before the builders bypassed it.

The Fortean Times (Issue 128) reports that a bypass recently threatened a 15ft fairy thorn bush (sceach) in Newmarket-on-Fergus, County Clare. Eddie Lenihan warned that its destruction could bring misfortune to those using the new road. He claimed that the sceach at Latoon was a marker in a fairy path. Lenihan claimed that a local farmer had seen white fairy blood at the spot . A way was found to work around the sceach, though Lenihan was unable to stop the council clearing trees at a ring-fort for the bypass, so watch this space.

One of the most famous fairy warrior tribes is the Celtic Tuatha de Danaan ("People of the Goddess Danu"). The 12th century Book of Invasions suggests they were exiled below ground by Milesian invaders, where they live to this day in Tir Nan Og (The Land of the Young). This idyllic place, where time stands still and there is no death, can be accessed through sidhe. Australian mimis live in rock crevices, German kobolds are 'mine fairies', Indian devas live in underground cities, as do the uldra of Lapland. Native American ohdows live in deep underground caves where they prevent earthquakes and stop demons and dangerous earth spirits from reaching the surface. Russian domovoi and domovikha live in cellars. We all know about apparent connections between faults and rifts in the earth's crust and apparitions of monsters and mysterious lights.

Cracks and crevices are traditionally associated with entrances to the 'other' worlds. Many ancient people believed that creatures lived below the earth. They were seen as guardians of treasure and secrets. Brian Stross heard some interesting stories while studying the Tzeltal Indians of Tenejapa in Mexico. The local name for their tiny hairy humanoids is ihk'al, who fly about with 'rockets' and occasionally carry people off. Further south, similar beings reportedly kidnap women and force them to bear children. In Samoa, Robert Louis Stephenson found tales of fairy women enamoured with mortal men. The Gwrgedd Annwn are known to take human husbands. Thomas the Rhymer was said to be the lover of the Scottish Queen of Elfhame; he was gone for seven years.

Fairies also do good deeds. Pat Freeney told Evans-Wentz that one day an old lady came to his house asking for oatmeal. Freeney offered potatoes, but the lady wanted oatmeal. She asked him to leave some in a bin, so that she could collect it later, which he did. Next morning "the bin was overflowing with oatmeal. The woman was one of the Gentry". Freeney reported that the the Gentry "never taste anything salt, but eat fresh meat and drink pure water". Anyone for a Simonton pancake?

Phantom music is a favourite in fairy tales. The Wee Folk of Durham are particularly festive according to Brockie, whilst on Eigg there is a fairy hill called Cnoc-na-piobaireachd, the Knoll of Piping. If you keep your ear to the ground at midday you might hear fairy revelry on The Music Barrow on Bincombe Down in Dorset. If you fancy a jig, you could also try Cissbury Ring where the fairies are said to dance at Midsummer. According to the Janet and Colin Bord, the curiosity of one mortal piper proved his undoing - he entered Pict's Knowe and never returned.

'Illustrations of the Fairy Mythology' contains a reproduction of a pamphlet signed by a J. Cotham in 1678. Three weeks before the pamphlet was written, a Dr. Moore and two companions were staying at an inn at Dromgreagh. Moore said that as a child in Ireland he had been abducted by fairies several times. His mother would consult the local wise woman, who gained his release. As he spoke in the tavern, men entered and carried him off (as he later said). His companions saw him assailed by an unseen force, attempted to grab him, but he vanished. The innkeeper sent for an old woman, who said he was in a nearby wood, and that if by her magic she could prevent him eating or drinking during his absence, he would be restored. Moore reappeared next morning, exhausted. He recounted that when his abductors offered him refreshment it had been unaccountably struck from his hand, and that at dawn he had found himself alone and in sight of the inn.

Folkloric fairies don't single out the wicked or the good, appearing to beguile at random. Being in a bluebell wood might increase your chance of contact, and being 'psychic' seems to help. If you are determined to meet the fey, you could take the advice of Robert Kirk, once Minister of the church in Aberfoyle, Scotland, and a seventh son with 'the second sight'. He recommended seemingly odd (Christian) rituals which involved tying hair around one's middle. He told of his own abduction by fairies, and concluded that they were invisible creatures composed of 'congealed air'. His body was found on a fairy mound, giving rise to the legend that the Wee Folk had taken his soul. After his funeral Kirk appeared to his cousin, saying that he was not dead but in fairyland, and could be saved by certain stated procedures. He "was visibly seen" at the appointed time, but shocked his potential saviour, and his rescue was bungled.

One favorite mischief of the fairies is baby abduction. Waldron's 'History of the Isle of Man' features the story of a woman whose babies made odd departures shortly after birth. The babies were each found some distance from the bed, having been dropped by the fairies. After her third baby was born, the woman saw it being carried by an invisible force. Her husband saw the baby by her side but it was a poor substitute for her own. This 'alien' youngster lived for a few years, but didn't talk or walk and only ate a few herbs.

I have come across various tips which might be useful in a sticky situation with The Gentry. They are cagey about their names; knowing a fairy's true name gives you a degree of power over it. Various cultures have gods whose names are only to be spoken in reverence. When confronted by the Fey, ring bells - they don't like the noise (and the Christian connotations?). Placing a child in an elder-wood cradle could cause it to be pinched black and blue by fairies, whilst placing ash berries in a cradle prevents the child being traded for a changeling. St. John's Wort and salt protect against fairy spells. And never eat fairy food. According to Fraser, whenever you enter a fairy dwelling you should stick a piece of steel, "such as a knife, a needle, or a fish-hook", in their door - the elves will not be able to shut it until you leave. Iron or steel is also handy. "A knife or a nail in your pocket is quite enough to prevent the fairies from lifting you up at night."

So who or what are these mischievous blighters that we once called fairies? Why have sightings of them diminished? Nicholson was told that Dr Ingram, a preacher who died in 1879, drove the Trow (the local fairies) from the Shetlands, forcing them to the Faroes. He was told this by a Trow woman who apparently resisted.

Sightings of anomalous lights are perhaps the most plausibly 'explained' of fairy phenomena. Will-o-the-wisps, or corpse candles, are usually attributed to methane. Baron von Reichenbach was curious about lights reported in graveyards. One of his associates, Leopoldina Reichel, was able to see dancing lights which resembled "dwarfish kobolds". She could swish them about with her skirt. Reichebach thought they were a result of chemicals from the dead. Elf fire, or ignis fatuus ('foolish fire'), is a flame-like phosphorescence caused by combusting gases from decaying vegetable matter. Those pursuing ignis fatuus are evaded. In Russian folklore these wandering fires are the spirits of stillborn children flitting between heaven and hell.

A more historical, and romantic, explanation of British Little People is that they are the dispossessed early tribes who faded away into uninhabited places, growing smaller with time as they passed into legend. Some suggest that The Fey are a folk-memory of short Neolithic or Bronze Age folk. When the Celts arrived in the UK, the aboriginals defended themselves by instilling superstitious fear in their persecutors. Cornish fey are apparently reduced in size every time they shape-shift, ending their days as ants. It is considered unlucky to kill Cornish ants.

Evans-Wentz theorised that some of the phenomena his witnesses described were past events leaving "mental records like pictures cast upon a screen". He believed that due to the increase of "education", these encounters had diminished. This fits some of the evidence, particularly accounts that bring time-slips to mind and takes into account the growth of rationalism.

Keel writes that UFO reports contain multiple sightings "identical to the fairy and gnome stories of yesteryear". Witnesses to these events can experience effects often noted in more conventional UFO encounters. In 'The Field Guide to Extra terrestrials' by Huyghe, it is easy to spot fairy-like 'aliens'. One type depicted even flew around a Christmas tree. Vallee writes: "The psychology of the elementals or ultra terrestrials is well known and fully described in the fairy lore of northern Europe and the ancient legends of Greece, Rome and India". Call them what you will, the African abata, the Australian mimis, the German kobolds, the Baltic leshy et al may well offer insights into the world of anomalous phenomena that warrant investigation. Maybe next time you look to the skies for life forms, you should keep one eye on the ground.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Orbs anyone?

I believe that orbs are some type of "consciousness." What kind -- guides, angels, dearly departed -- no one knows. One house I've investigated has a room with orbs, plasma, and apparitions. My theory is that there might possibly be a portal on that piece of land. The theory of departed loved ones watching over the house's residents cannot be disputed either.
Others believe there's more than one dimension in our world. Anywhere from five to an infinity. And in these other dimensions, other consciousness 'live' and on occasion enter ours and communicate -- or stumble in by accident. They've always been here, but it's only now that so many people have had the technology to capture them. Maybe they're trying to tell us something -- about ourselves, about the world around us, about our future as a planet.
Orbs Basic Truths:

1) They are real, interdimensional vehicles. Known to the Egyptians as 'sun boats' and referred to in the Bible as 'merkabah'. This is not an exaggerated claim. Many people believe that this is part of what God made when he created us. It is where we go and how we get around after this life. The phenomenon known as an out-of-body experience involves this aspect of our spiritual makeup. Another little-known aspect of our own existence.

2) Orbs, real ones, can be sensed or heard. The 'sound' they make is a super-high tone, chiefly heard inside of the head. Inside or past the ear, beyond normal hearing. A good time to look for one is when you sense this phenomena near you. Looks like a barely-visible ball of energy floating near you. Among those who are familiar with real orb contact are accounts of the orb speaking telepathically to them.

3) True orbs have different appearances, and more than one type exists. The first type, the human spirit or ghost type are usually seen at about eye-level to about ceiling height, and are often filmed in graveyards and "haunted" locations. The human spirit type may appear larger than some of the other types of orbs.

4) Another type of orb is used in conjunction with electromagnetic vehicles (formerly known as UFOs). They serve to assist and shield the beings inside the craft, as well as being used as a means of propulsion. They primarily are seen high up in the sky, higher than the human spirit orbs, although they are, on occaision also seen at eye-level. This is believed to be due to their higher dimensional level of existence. These are the fully visible orbs seen in photos and video we will share, which are capable of invisibility, and extremely high speed flight.

5) Yet another type of orb is known. It is considered to be a spiritual aspect of the ET visitors, much like the human spirit orbs are an aspect of us. They often have a more detailed and complex appearance which can at times contain figures and or faces. To the eye, it resembles a face or figure, sometimes inside an orb, sometimes not. This is a type of orb that is rarely photographed, but photos of them do exist.

"High Electromagnetic distortions create 'Temporal Event Horizons' (ie. black holes, vortexes) which allows the orb to pass through with no difficulty. The Temporal Event Horizon acts as a buffer helping to keep the orb in a state of constant energy and stability while slipping just outside of time and space."

Depending on the size of what is coming through from the higher dimension into our third dimension will be the size of distortion in the plasma (ether) field. I will try to describe to you as I see this plasma field (space) and matter within:
Space is a fluid ..Hence a field of plasma..Hence a 'plasma field'. . Its motion or state of being is 'Guided by Matter' . Thus an orb or space craft or other type of matter going through it would affect its field. Think of a boat propelling itself through water - the faster and larger the boat - the more distortion of the water it is going through .
According to Charles Vind , "A particle (matter) with positive gravity would have a spin rotating inward pulling in fluid and an a particle with negative gravity would have a spin pushing out fluid or an outward spin. The faster the rate of motion or rotation (frequency) would thus determine the gravity and therefore the mass of the particle. So all elementary particles of matter would essentially be FLUID in MOTION around a CLOSED CIRCULAR PATH. All forms of matter could also be seen essentially
as specific PATTERNS of MOTION in the great SEA of FLUID that constitutes the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE."
This fluid is a life force to matter. It feeds matter with energy and this energy is ''electromagnetic' ..thus it falls under 'electromagnetism'

Some Simple Truth Laid Out Simply~

Modern physicists do not have a single picture of "the way the world really is;" instead there are eight ideas of "quantum reality." These eight views of reality are quite different; yet all are considered by leading scientists to be valid, or a least successful in terms of explaining experiments.

Worldviews of Prominent Physicists and Philosophers

* There is no deep reality.
* Reality is created by observation.
* Reality is an undivided wholeness.
* Reality consists of a steadily increasing number of parallel universes.
* The world obeys a non-human kind of reasoning.
* The world is made of ordinary objects.
* Consciousness creates reality.
* The world is twofold, consisting of potentials and actualities

Scientists will admit that quantum theories do not correspond to "common sense"---meaning, the law of cause and effect. The principal features of quantum theory contradict "cause and effect" relationships by assuming that random, spontaneous events can and do occur within a quantified limit (specified by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle).

The majority of leading modern physicists seriously believe the first view; "There is no deep reality" and claim that there is no objective reality. For them, "physics is not physical, but metaphysical."


What exactly is Anima Mundi? " It is the soul of the world, a pure ethereal spirit that some ancient philosophers said was diffused throughout all nature." By this I mean it is an actual sentient, intelligent being. The earth is alive. She was created as were all of the planets and universes etc. by a Celestial Intelligence, to be a self sustaining organism in her own right. She was given the ability to create life and it's own energy to design new forms for it to inhabit.
"In the case of the anima mundi, we may be dealing with one of the oldest experiences of mankind, the spontaneous sense of dread and wonder primitive humans once felt in the presence of the Earth’s majestic power. If the Earth is a self-adjusting organism, its adaptive power may be that of a metabolic system: efficient, impersonal, crushingly powerful. That is frequently the picture I get when I try to give some mythical embodiment to the Gaia hypothesis. If there is an integrating intelligence at work in the planet all around me, I sense it is not a human intelligence. It is at once something greater and more primal: a wisdom like that of the body in its stubborn will to pursue the tasks that physical survival demands." She is self perpetuating in her designs. Orbs,fairies,elves,ufo's,aliens and mysterious creatures that pop in and out of this world. Some are so bizarre that they could only be seen as a nightmare come to life. Some of the designs are absurd,some frightening and others just downright puzzling. I have watched and learned from my elders and they each had their own take on this intelligence, but in the is still the same for each of us:
"The Earth is alive". When people ask me if bigfoot is a life form I always say yes, but when they ask me about the glowing red eyed Bigfoot that disappear or are working with the Aliens... I end up telling them the truth as I and my elders see it. I am a very blunt person who tells it like it is. Unfortunately people often times do not want to hear the truth. How can they fit the concept of living with an intelligent being that may have a sense of humor at their expense? A being that creates other entities to interact with us to watch our reactions? It is almost like being in a lab experiment gone awry. Luckily for me Science was always one of my favorite subjects.

Aliens Do NOT have a soul!

The simple and hardcore truth about Grey Aliens. They are NOT our friends. They are NOT here to help us, they LIE continually, If you don't believe me do some research into the messages they have given people (abductees) over and over and over....
The things they tell the poor misguided believers has proven over and over again to NEVER be truthful nor do any of their prophesies ever come true.
The ''greys'' are used for evil and are an evil creation. The ''greys'' are emotionless. They are virtually a hard-drive with a skin wrapped around them. They are an unnatural form of life that does not occur naturally anywhere in the Universe. Though I don't discount the obvious, that there is sentient life out there and we may find it a few thousand years from now.
The ''aliens'' we hear about are genetic concoctions of Earth DNA. They were made here on Earth eons ago and continue to be made on this Earth to this very day. They are not from outer-space. They are creations of this Earth. These creatures ''body-jump'' when their bodies near expiration. They never go to Heaven in between lives because they are soulless. They were created by a an Earth Intelligence that was created by a Supreme Being. Only the original Creator can give souls.

Aliens and Frogs?

Revelations: Ch:16 Verse 13 & 14.

13~ And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs. Come out of the mouth of the dragon. And out of the mouth of the beast. And out of the mouth of the false prophet.
14~ For they are the spirits of devils working Miracles which go forth unto the Kings of The Earth and of the whole Earth world, To gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

Pretty acurately describes what is going on in the world of today with the so called "alien abductions"
They will create animosity amongst different factions of society. When a light shines on us it will be extinguished by ridicule and sometimes DEATH!! Whatever suits ''it'' best. In some cases they have caused people to rip one anothers Hearts out and even kill their own Children!! They accomplish this by using hate as their ally and anger as their friend. The hate they use to blind us totally, causing us never to see that from our conflicts their puppets rise up from seemingly nowhere as RULERS!
What exactly is the " IT " I am referring to here? IT is the Earth. A sentient being who is disgusted and tired of humans destroying her and her children. Who would blame her for creating "aliens" to deceive us and find a ways to eventually destroy us. Can you really blame her?

Fairies and UFOnauts are the Same People!!

When people tell me they have had a UFO experience and were taken off planet, I always correct them and explain "you THINK you were taken off planet, but in actuality you need to understand that there are NO aliens from outer space, they are residents of this planet Earth that have existed since before humanity. They are/were confined to the inner earth areas of this planet, but have found a way around the confinment and are re-appearing on the surface. This usually gets me a "are you nuts?" look, but as I go on to compare the UFO visitors with the ancient stories and legends of the Wee Folk,Fairies,Goblins,Trolls etc. The abductee actually begins to understand and eventually it really does make more sense than an alien from a bazillion miles away coming to stick something up your nose or behind. Think about all of the legends we humans have of the nasty neighbors and you will begin to wonder too. Rumplestiltzkin wanted a baby(why?)genetic material obviously, Fairies steal babies too you know(leaving their sick ones as replacements). Dragons come topside to have sex with Chinese royalty to produce the dragon lineages etc. I can go on and on here folks. I am hoping that this blog will make you think long and hard when you see a mysterious light in the sky, look earthward first!!

So what do we have so far, if we combine folk traditions, mythological and religious traditions, and literary constructions? At first glance, it might seem disparate at best, but the inhabitants of the various underworlds remain surprisingly consistent in their general forms and dispositions, when examined more closely. We can start with a basic look at their physical and other attributes:

1. They are more or less reptilian, sometimes mostly human, sometimes very scaly indeed. Others, perhaps the result of liaison or gene-mixing with surface humans, are described as "fair," "nordic," or "Aryan." The true origins or identity of the latter are generally betrayed by some inherent flaw of form or behavior.

2. They are telepathic, hypnotic, or possessed of other "superior" mental powers.

3. They can create "glamour" or illusion, either as faeries, or as shapeshifters.

4. They possess superior technologies, including cloning and genetic engineering, in some instances manufacturing artificial lifeforms to do their bidding. Some of their servants are often humanoid and hairy, others are scaled or even winged, most are bipedal and anthropomorphic. They possess the secret of immortality, or the formula for extreme longevity. Some possess the power of flight as well, via either aircraft or by self-propelled means.

5. They are interested in human reproduction and interbreeding, or in reproduction in general. Reproductive survival seems to be essential to their agenda in nearly any given scenario. They need human flesh, or blood, or reproductive materials.

6. They are more often than not the enemies of mankind.

7. They do not like the light of the exterior sun (Sol). As a general rule, they cannot survive for long, or sometimes at all, in the surface world.

8. They are banished, exiled, imprisoned, lost, or in hiding from the surface world, or from the sun.

9. They are secretive about their entrances and their treasures or knowledge, as well as their true nature or identity.

10. They influence human events or circumstances whenever it suits their purpose, or appeals to their whims.

11. They have surface humans in their employ, through priesthoods, cults, or secret societies.

12. And not touched upon thus far, but prevalent in most underworld traditions, is the strange fact that they are often accompanied by unpleasant or noxious odors, described as "sulphur and brimstone," "sulphurous," or "like rotten eggs." This is the smell of hydrogen sulfide, a very real chemical compound which is found in great quantities deep within the Earth. This will be explored further as well.

Bigfoot creation

My Ki'ho'sa is a kind of husband of Shilup chitoh osh, the earth. Sometimes we say that this One is a kind of reptile from the ancient times who can take on a big hairy form.He is both spirit and real being. We say that he walks with one foot in both worlds. "They exist in another dimension from us, but can appear in this dimension whenever they have a reason to. There are many levels, many dimensions. When your time in this one is finished, we move on to the next, but the Ki'ho'sa can go between there and here. We associate them with other beings that come to our world. Bigfoot and the and the little people are spiritual or interdimensional beings who can enter or leave our physical dimension as they please, and choose to whom they will show themselves, always for a reason. We believe they were created before humans. They were caretakers of this world/realm and longed for another species as intelligent as they are, so Great Spirit created man, but this small, fragile being was noisome and abusive of the planet. They multiplied much too fast and caused strife among the animals, so the Ste'ye'mah (bigfoot) cried out to Great Spirit asking him to destroy the humans before they destroyed the planet. Great Spirit explained that it was impossible to remove man as they had just as much right to be here as they did. As a compromise, Great Spirit created a doorway to another Earth where there were no humans to bother the Big Men. He allowed the Ste'ye'mah the ability to come and go from this home world Earth to the new home whenever they chose. Thus giving them the job still as caretakers of this realm, but being able to leave when they tire of humans antics.

Indian Warrioress

Indian Warrioress

by Marilyn Beal-Bauer

If you call me a "squaw",

I'll spit in your face.

It's a white man's word - we both know what it means.

We are strong, We are proud.

We are intelligent and brave.

When hurt we don't cry.

Our faces become stone.

We do not lose face.

When our men turn to drink, they turn to renegade.

They blacken our eyes, but we bloody their faces.

We are educated in an uneducated way by our elder's wisdom not put down o­n page.

Their stories, their chants, their knowledge of plants.

They teach us, they heal us. They remain in our hearts. They never will fade as long as an Indian Warrioress remains. We remember forever.

My children, be not afraid. Your Indian warrioress is here to stay.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spiritually progressing to your next life existence

Progressing in spiritual matters is less a matter of years but more a matter of growth. There are relatively young souls who progress rapidly, as by their nature they learn rapidly and do not hesitate to apply their knowledge. And in between are the vast majority, who linger at points, revisit areas they have passed through before to solidify lessons, and become blocked due to their natures now and then.
A soul is unaware of its status, but tends to recognize other strong souls during an incarnation. Old souls almost instantly recognize each other. This is not a body language issue, as the human can be unaware of the age of their soul, other than that they find they are focusing on issues differently than others around them.
An old soul often finds they are strongly at issue in good vs evil agendas, or take action suddenly to situations where others about them are debating and unsure. An old soul often has a skill set that surprises the parents, expressing early in the life of the young human whose knowledge and skill are coming from a source other than the education being given by the parents.
Thus, there are clues, but the old soul in a young body feels, most often, strange and apart until meeting others of his kind.
At what point do incarnations cease to be a learning tool? Humans entranced with Out-of-Body experiences imagine this to be a goal, as they see so many advantages. They could spy on their neighbors, gain information useful in power plays, and just travel without expense or distress. However, soul intent on their lessons do not consider such skipping out of school an advantage.

1) Incarnations trap the developing soul in a body with limitations
2) Incarnations create the need to be creative, and resourceful
3) Incarnations put the developing soul in pain and distress, frustration, longing, so that the soul has empathy later for others in this situation
Thus, incarnations are seen as a type of tool, and until the soul has grown beyond this point, and has learned all the lesson that could be learned from incarnations, there is no press to avoid them. Humans experience Out-of-Body during suffering, as many Near Death Experiencers will tell you that they viewed their moment of death from outside their body.
Torture, or intense pain, will likewise cause the soul to jump out of the body, and the body and soul then remember this and attempt to repeat it. This is discouraged by the Spirit Guides, who consider this skipping out of school, and the soul is forced back into the body by various means.
We must always listen to the Spirit Guides...they are ever present, even if we do NOT see them, or they choose NOT to make themselves known. Remember, we are watched over for the children that we really are.

Monday, February 22, 2010


A passive life, lived without challenge or struggle, often causes the stuff of souls to dissipate at death in a new incarnation, what we call an aborted soul.
In fact, MOST often a first incarnation involves an abortion, but once formed the soul does not die.The spark is not lit, and after death, dissipation occurs.
The stuff of souls gathers into a conscious being,
because it finds the environment interesting. Some formation occurs, during the incarnation, but if the life has not been challenging then it has not massed, and is prone to dissipation upon the death of the body.Once formed, however,entities do not
dissipate. Failure to form is due to a lazy or indolent lifestyle, lack of native intelligence, or lack of stimulation. In this regard, the challenging, stressful life is a benefit, rather than a drawback. A challenge can be viewed as a puzzle to be solved, or very emotional situations, or situations requiring much determination. Thus, a child crippled, determined to continue his role in the group, will be working a challenge, a puzzle, that requires mental work as well as emotional accompaniment.The stuff of souls has this innate nature, to begin with. Souls have the mental capacity the human brain does, and more. It does not forget! And it thus can think and decide, indeed does so and argues at times with the human incarnated.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

To reincarnate or Not?

In a situation such as the Earth is due to experience, where the majority of bodies will die suddenly leaving the formerly incarnated souls without opportunities, chaos can and does ensue. Crowded incarnations are very temporary.
For instance during the forthcoming pole shift this potential may exist for several months. The normal procedure where immature souls are gathered upon death of their body and amused or otherwise occupied until the next incarnation can be arranged is difficult due to the numbers, so at times these souls are chaotic and roam about and try to arrange their own incarnations.
One of several outcomes may happen:
The incarnation can become crowded. It can occur that multiple souls are incarnating in a body at once, and in these situations all are weak or they would not tolerate cohabitation either.
A fight for the body ensues, where the stronger spirit pushes out all others. Normally the birthing guides prevent such takeovers but during chaotic conditions, this can pass notice temporarily. If the originally incarnating soul does not want to be removed and lingers about in resentment, the birthing guides soon arrive to set things right again.
The takeover spirits are rebuffed from the beginning and no crowded incarnation ensues. This is most often the case, as the originally incarnating soul most definitely has the advantage, being familiar with the territory for instance. The incarnating soul and its human body sense what they might term ghosts or spirits about, and even be aware of spiritual discussions or invitations, but are otherwise not disturbed by the drama which in truth does not begin.

Bless your Immortal Soul

Is the soul immortal? In that it surpasses human mortality and steadily grows, learning and increasing in mass and wisdom with each incarnation - it is immortal. But what is mortality for a soul? Souls do not die during nuclear explosions, nor do they lose themselves in Black Holes. Souls are of material that can affect its surroundings while remaining untouched.
Souls, once formed, do not die. They may grow rapidly or slowly, may stagnate or plateau for a long time or forever, but they do not die, nor do they shrink.
an existing soul may chose to incarnate in an animal that does not have the potential of sparking a soul, for education reasons. Thus, the dog or snake or dolphin does not spark a soul, but can be incarnated on occasion.
To spark, the biological entity must have the capacity to envision itself as separate, and where many animals seem to have this trait, they do not. A dog will understand that it is being yelled at by its master, or snarled at by the leader of the pack, and by groveling and crawling away is indicating they seem to understand another has interacted with them, as a separate being.

Soul Beginnings

Incarnations occur naturally and is the way forming souls get their start. The stuff of souls is everywhere, disbursed throughout the Universe, but so disbursed it does not make a soul. The stuff of souls tends to gather in living things as the environment is more interesting than non-living environments. It is not so much attracted to life as that it lingers, and thus begins to accumulate.

Without conscious intelligence it fails to establish a personality, a self, and after death of the life form disburses again. Incarnations happen naturally at first, as having formed a self the forming soul migrates to a new body after the death of the old.

It can happen in unguided migrations that more than one forming soul wants to inhabit the same body, but usually cohabitation is dangerous and distressing to both parties, including the body, and results in only the strongest soul remaining.

Unsparked souls are chaotic, aware of themselves as separate entities from other humans or animals, but basically dazed and wandering about, open mouthed. They are taking it all in, as the first passage, the first tour, the first time visiting a place.

Unless some matter occurs to spark a soul, such as empathy for another in distress and a choice to sacrifice comfort of the self to assist the other, no sparking occurs. A lazy life, lived in a local indolent with simple tasks, or taken out by early childhood illness, will not spark.

There is a greater percentage of unsparked souls in those continents or places where life is a struggle, not industrialized, not in high communication with other cultures.

Third World countries have a higher percentage of unsparked souls. Rural areas have a higher percentage of unsparked souls than urban areas. Thus, the corridors of power almost invariably have older souls.

Friday, February 19, 2010


This nature or inherent behavior is to vibrate in and out of complexity.
From our objective perspective this appears as expansion and contraction.
That’s all existence or God does.
Even the word ‘power’ is misleading as it implies a force which a being can use at will.
God’s power is an instinctual force as God only has intelligence temporarily when our self evolves
into sentient beings such as us.
We learn to adjust our emotional state via our intellect to create a vibrational field attracting
the elements we wish for our objective experiences.
As such we are ‘gods’ or ‘creators’. We are the Divine Sparks of The Creator. As such we are just as complex and able to achieve God like status. It is the Creators design for us.

You Are Existence

Existence is an ‘always present’ conscious energy which vibrates in and out of vibrational complexity. During the expansive stage of this
vibration your consciousness is divided into multiple perspectives which develop into multiple viewpoints and temporary ‘objective’ beings.

Each being thinks they are a separate being due to their temporary division from their subjective consciousness or awareness as the whole but it’s all you.

It is possible for you to have an out of body and collective experience and remember who you are (the whole…the One)

Although our current universal impulse is to expand and be and have MORE, there is the beginning of an undercurrent to reunify spiritually or energetically as one again which will eventually cause us to seek complete reunification and dissolve the current complex vibrational divisions.

Our existence is cyclical.

The Eternal Cycle.


How old is solitude?as each minute I breathe
its very essence,its texture so familiar,like the
rise and fall of the sun like the quarter phasing
of the moon.Its light and shadows moored into
memories entrenched with unspeakable pains,from
a world that has been an abyss.This feeling
echoes through this Valley which may have known
a thousand sorrows between births and deaths
Now I speak to the voice within as ageless as the shadows the moon casts,
Quietly a woman sleeps. Holding only her dreams,
as upon her pillow she weeps.Tears slide down her face. She cries for something.Alone she lays,in
silent suffering. She drifts off to sleep in solitude.

Free Will

I have often heard it said that angels do not have free will, but instead only do what our Creator tells them to do. This is a slight misunderstanding. The truth is, they do have free will, but their intentions and awareness are so closely in line with that of our Creators that they do what might be called God's Will, not because they don't have any other choice, but because they see that choice as the only one they want to make. This is fine but important distinction. Without free will, how could there have been rebellion in heaven?

As I have said many times , there are other dimensions that contain spirits. There is one entire set of planes and levels of existence that contains spirits who are, for the most part, done with physical incarnations but who are working with humans and angels to help further create a glorious and loving reality. This set of spirits is where we get most entities who are channeled, in our modern world (there are many more), as well as those spirits who in ancient times spoke to those we now call prophets.

This is also the plane on which Jesus now resides.

This plane is essentially parallel to that of the angels, and there is interaction between them. In addition, there is a similar plane for the spirits who exist in the fairy realm, and there is interaction between those on that plane and those on this plane and on the angelic plane.
The spirits on this plane have individual goals and interests, and so the people on earth with whom they speak are those who share similar interests and goals.

All realms, including the realms of humans and angels, have been created by and are continuously sustained and recreated by Love. Knowing that you have guardian angels and guiding spirits can help alleviate a lot of fears you might have.

Also, remember that we all have free will. This means that no being, not even our Creator, can interfere with the choices you make, no matter how painfully hard those choices make our lives. If you want help, you must ask for it.
Humble yourself before Heavenly Father and ask as you will. Expect what you have asked for to become reality. Heavenly Father,The Creator of All gave you the gift of Free Will, there is no other gift greater than this. Use it. wield it and unto you shall be given the gifts that you seek.

Circular logic

I have noticed that everything is a circle, and that is because the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round...The Sky is round, and the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nest in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours. Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where Divine power moves.

The Great Spirit is in all things: he is in the air we breathe. The Great Spirit is our Father, but the earth is our mother. She nourishes us,she offers us beauty and security. She offers us shelter, and waits patiently to put us to our final rest. And so it is a circle.

I am wondering at times if the Ste'ye'mah are not part of this circle too in some way. They creep around as humans do, who wish to remain unnoticed. There is another circle. I must understand the connections if I am to solve the puzzle. A task given to me in the before times of this solid realm. There is movement here, but it is circular.
I know that Great Spirit is guiding my hand, but I am just not seeing the right connections to complete the circle. Therefore I must strive even more to understand my mission here in this time with the Ste'ye'mah.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

beauty fades...but intelligence is forever

Some people think that because one is beautiful on the outside they are brainless on the inside. Hence my photos that change. I find it funny that so many people think that a beautiful(not my choice) person is not able to think,speak or act intelligently. For this reason alone I post the different pictures. Eye candy for the shallow. There are actually quite a few who know me and have spoken up recently to negate the belief that beauty and intelligence cannot go together. Contrary to popular belief by the evil over the hill men from other sites, I am drop dead gorgeous. I do not flaunt it like I used to in my 20's and even 30's it is just plain embarrassing when my son's friends hit on me. I prefer to be thought of as the knowledge that I possess. I am me. And me is fine.

Bigfoot ponderings by Khat

There is a Hebrew word in the bible that translates into English as satyr, but in the literal Hebrew it refers to a hairy or shaggy demon. I have often pondered this question because of Ki'ho'sa's attitude and the other tribe members of his group.
According to The Strong's Accordance "#8163 sair
from 8175, shaggy.,devil goat, hair, rough
and the root word #8175 to storm, to shiver, fear, be horribly afraid, fear, hurl as a storm, be tempestuous" I also found this in the King James Bible:
Isaiah 34:14, Isaiah 13:21
Now I maybe wrong about that Hebrew word...but I think it refers to bigfoot.
All my life I have heard or known about Bigfoot. Our elders in the tribe in Oklahoma tell about bigfoot, it is a kind of reptile and is a shapeshifter. But my people believe there are two different types of the Bigfoot,down deep dwelling ones. We have called them Shampe(shamp,way).They steal and eat humans, if you hunt and there is blood from the kill they will track you by the smell. They are evil and animal like. We don't believe in going to look for it or to bother it as it is cunning and evil. The Ste'ye'mah is just like us though. They think, eat,breathe, feel etc. We believe they are a tribe unto themselves and we do not interact with them due to their males stealing women and children in the past.
I am NOT saying that Bigfoot is an evil entity. I have my own theories as to just what they are. I believe them to be stuck. Which is why I search and learn as much as I can about the bible. Because I do NOT believe they are a recent phenomena, that is just occuring. These stories about the BF go back hundreds and thousands of years. And when I research the Qoran,Bible,Torah etc. I find passages that seem to fit these beings. I believe the story that my elders gave to me of them being like older brothers and existing alongside of our reality to be the truth. And when I find mention of them in the bible etc.Or have Ki'ho'sa think "Father" and send the feeling of "supreme being" It makes me comfortable and sane to know that I am on the right track. That they Are just like us, only many ways.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soul Helper

Our souls have infinite depths, waiting to be uplifted and manifested at the surface of this reality.

We were all born with our own specific energy when we came into our physical body. We are not to allow others to take our energy nor give it away. Our original life energy should reside with us within our body for our own personal use. We can share it with others but we are to keep it for our use alone. I touched on this in Spiritual Overflow.

I am a Spirit Helper who helpes lost souls find their way home. Some people call this spirit release, or soul extraction. A shamanic soul extraction removes an energy that does not belong to you and that’s inconsistent with your original life energy.

At times when people die, their spirit does not wish to go on to the Other Side due to confusion, addictions or fear. They are lost and afraid. They look around for a host body to go into. They remain trapped in the host’s body until a Spirit Guide is found to direct the misplaced sprit to go on to the Other Side. Trapped spirit issues usually are about needing to forgive someone or themselves or fear about being judged by God in their transformation process. I communicate with the lost soul to see what help it needs before going over to the Other Side. I can help it resolve its own issues before it is released to continue its journey. If it is not a lost soul but just negative energy, I can bless it and bring it to the light and send it off into the Universe to be neutralized and recycled.

As a SoulEater, I work with the stuck energy of these entities and help them to understand their reasons for sticking around. There may be an outdated contract you and this soul made at an earlier time for the benefit of both of you that is no longer helpful to either of you. Now you no longer need its assistance and you need your body to carry only your original life energy to be available for your use.

There are a few indications that you may need a Soul Extraction:
1) You feel under the influence of someone or something else that directs your feelings and behavior.
2)You called out for spiritual help as a child during a difficult time and some energy came to you.You sense that you are not alone in your body.
3) At times you experience emotions that do not seem to be your own.
4)You hear voices in your head that came after an accident, coma or trauma.
5) You’re caught in some addictive behavior that does not fit with your background or interests.

Helping other souls move on is considered holy work
by my people. I am also known as a Soul Gatherer. This is what the Elders in the tribe call me. So, it is not unusual to find several lost souls around me or my home at any time. Come to think of it, I don't have any friends who are NOT used to the ghosts and spirits that live along side my daughters and I. We are so used to the interaction that when an outsider comes into the picture and has to deal with these beings, their reaction of shock or fear is very puzzling to us.
That being said, as a Spirit Helper I have found over the years that once a person is clean of their unwanted guests they are lighter in spirit and soul. Laughter comes easier and so does trust. People who are cleansed of the burden of the ghosts they carry are a completely different person when my work is done.


They can de -materialise at will and move in to an overlay dimension which allows them to disappear from harms way in a fight or flight situation. By increasing their vibrational rate, they can shift themselves just enough to no longer be visible within our field of light. They can still see this reality from their higher vantage point but are no longer in it.I am asked quite frequently how they communicate with me, the answer is really quite simple,They can communicate through telepathy.

I know, I know! you sitting there reading this and thinking : NUT JOB! But it is the truth. I do not hear it as a conversation, but as a fading echo in my head, kind of like someone who yells in a parking garage. I also have figured out that they must actually have looked into your eyes when mind speaking.
This brings up the subject of the various people who have said that the BF they encountered from a great distance got the message:
go away, stay away, want no harm etc. It was simply a BF who felt you had to leave. I have experienced many times the dematerialising situation. By increasing their vibrational rate, they can shift themselves just enough to not be seen but maybe felt and heard by us.

In Billy's worlds I figured something out. I seemed to be seeing a singular BF over and Over which led me to ask Ki how long they live.
They live for about 140 yrs to 176 yrs. They are here it seems help us be returned to the proper vibrational rate. Which I must confess does happen when I am with them. I feel very floaty and fluttery and things/time seems out of sync when I am with them. I feel the air around me as heavy almost liquid and time seems to not exist. I will post more on this later.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bigfoot and Ley lines

Take into consideration the Earth’s magnetic forces; from its global electromagnetic fields to the Ley lines that run through the Earth like veins through our body. It is a fact that when tectonic plates shift, they emit a high concentration of electromagnetic fields towards the surface of the earth. It is also a fact that there are weaker, yet constant electromagnetic fields in constant flow throughout the earth.
electromagnetic fields are constant and strong

Our bodies also produce an electromagnetic field, and so does our earth. These are natural fields that work with the life force.Humans have a "magnetic gland," the pineal gland which is in our heads. It is a remnant of the mystical "third eye" that humans are said to have once had. I believe that the pineal senses and works with the earth's electromagnetic field and gives us our cyclical biorythms. We are "Electric" and so is the Earth. Can that be coincidental?I do not believe so. Now, onto Bigfoot and how the ley lines or " magnetic field" may affect him.

How do these fields affect the Bigfoot? Well, I am not 100% on this, but my theory is this:
They use the fields to find portals which allows them to return to their home place which exists alongside of our world. Did you get that? Alongside of our world. They actively look for these lines, I have watched them place their heads to the ground for hours after walking and trying the same head to the ground testing. When they find a strong one they place their head to the line and just stay there, on their knees. Sometimes for hours. When they are done, they will get up and walk away as if nothing happened. But, in reality something Did happen: Because after finding the ley, they bring back the rest of their group. I do not see any type of rested or extra zip in them, just a peace and calm. They do become very aware though of everything in the area when they find the ley. And I do know that they will set up an "X" to mark where the ley is. When questioned about why they do this I was told "way home". Now, I do not know if they are using they magnetism to open doorways to their world, but this IS what I think. I do not want to say a definite YES to this, as I may be way off, but I do know for a fact that once they become attuned with the ley they have found, they shift into invisible camo mode more often, so I have come to believe that they use this magnetic power for their own devices.

I know that when I sense a powerful ley line, it has definite affects on me. I become dizzy and disoriented. Kind of like when you were a child and spun around to the count of 20. That is exactly how I feel when I encounter them. And I would also like to say for the record that when I have put my own forehead down to the ground as they do on the ley I hear a distinct humming/thrumming/pulsing sound. I cannot explain it, but it does go all the way through my body into my bones. So, I have begun to believe that the BF have harnessed this power in some abstract way and are using it either to teleport to their realm or to open a doorway somehow to their realm. I know for a fact that they do use it for their camouflage tactic of invisiblity. I am only speaking from experience and it is only my opinion.

A Message Received

There is no accident with the timing of all that is transpiring. You have heard this again and again. Trust in that plan that is unfolding. Accepting your destinyis knowing how to work with the powers of co-creation that you have. There is no accident with the timing of all that is transpiring. You have heard this again and again. Trust in that plan that is unfolding. Accepting your destiny. And use your powers to work with the powers of co-creation that you have.
Past the year 2013 there will be more of a full awakening of human potential. You believe you have come out of the dark ages, but in essence, in truth you have not. It is past the year 2013 that you will have emerged out of the dark ages and emerged into the light. Even though this is not going to be an easy transformation and transition for any of us to make, it does not need to bring any more suffering than already exists.

The three primary powers of co-creation that you have to work with are intention, which is one and the same as your will, will focused in the form of intention being the first power.

The second power being your intuition and the third power being your imagination. All three of these powers are becoming activated to their fullest potential especially those who are welcoming that and accepting that and the responsibility and authority that comes with those powers, being fully activated.

Imagination, many believe there is no accountability that is necessary for imaginations because that which exists in the imagination is unreal. This is not the case. If something exists in the imagination, it is real; it exists because it exists in the imagination. It may not exist in the 3rd dimensional world or in the 3rd dimensional form, but it exists. You define what is real by that which exists. However, you go further and define that which is real by that which is tangible and measurable however, there is so much more than that which is tangible or measurable.
Take this to heart. If everything that exists in your imagination is real and is in existence in some plane or dimension (even if it is just in the dimension of thought) there is much more accountability that needs to happen with human kind being more accountable for their imaginings, for how you use your imagination and how you use your will. Do not be afraid to use your imagination. Do not be afraid to use your will. But be very aware and conscious and aware and conscientious about using it in harmony and accord with universal laws and principles knowing that for every action there is a reaction, for everything that exists in one plane or dimension there is a ripple effect in another. This is to be proven in your science through super string theory as your quantum physicists have been working on at this time.

There is a unified voice that will be guiding us and our intuition and if everyone listens, it will be unique as to how each one of us will be guided specifically, but the voice of the inner teacher, it is one, thus it will be unified. We need to co-create during this Rite of Passage as much as possible even if it is just with a critical mass of us with a unified intention, a unified intuition that is assured if we follow it and follow our hearts. Unified visions within the imagination, imagine that type of unity, imagine what peace really looks like, imagine what peace really feels like.
There will be many things you can use to stimulate your imaginations, many on the earth have shut down their imaginations and tend to have this be their weakest part or use it only to a limited degree. The imagination is the doorway into the creative mind of God, the creative power and potential of God. It is that important and significant!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Angelic Reincarnation

I am asked quite frequently if Angels decide to reincarnate.The answer is YES! But not in the same way as most humans. They must pass through the "initiation of "Veil of Amnesia", meaning, that reincarnated Angel will be born veiled, as all other humans.
The veil is thinner, and the reincarnated Angel will always feel a sense of not really belonging here on Earth, and long for HOME, for Higher Realms.
Most reincarnated Angels carry within them some deep inner sadness, which is that longing for home.
The Angels that have come to earth are becoming Light Workers, eventually they remember what they came here to do. They do not remember it totally conscious , but the soul longing is so strong, that they cannot escape from this longing.During this time their vibrational rate is fluctuating and becomes set in the original pattern of Angelic being, and hence an Angel is awakened and remembrance of their past life is revealed to them. Thus their errand is turned into a mission for them. They must act accordingly and do the work they were sent to earth to perform.
Can you recognize the Incarnated Angel? If you are sensitive, and open to your own feelings and emotions, you probably will recognize reincarnated Angel.
Have a look deep into the eyes, and if you see deep pools of Love with a tint of deep inner sadness, most probably you are meeting with reincarnated Angel.
If you feel, that you become serene and still next to the person, and you feel eternally safe and loved, even though you might even not know the person, most probably, you are meeting reincarnated Angel.
Sometimes, the Earthly Life can be tough for a reincarnated Angel, because they are also veiled, but on the other hand, they remember Home, they remember the Truth. And it might be a tricky thing for reincarnated Angels to adjust on Earth and be functional. But even in human bodies, reincarnated Angels come to serve people and be messengers of God. Just the task gets quite difficult for them, because they have to deal with amnesia and with the human body. It is also a great gift for reincarnated Angels to experience the human body, to experience gravity, breath, smell, touch, all the human senses.
It is said, that 5% of the human population right now are reincarnated Angels.
If this is true then the time is fast approaching for the veil to be lifted from humanities eyes and reveal the true form of the earth and it's OTHER inhabitants.

Monday, February 8, 2010

All must be destroyed to recreate, Consciousness Creation.

All souls will be reconciled back into the spiraling source of consciousness creation, the light. All ego identity will be lost, as it never existed. The pain and suffering will end.

Those who understand the program are quickly awakening. They are the creators.

There will be lots of talk about 'wounds' and 'The Wounded Healer. The world is now recognizing and dealing with physical and emotional pain, fear and other related emotions. The word 'release' is most important to free the soul and restore balance. In so doing, many people need to experience these emotions personally.
Jesus is part of a sacred bloodline, as is Sarah in Sarah and Alexander.

Souls seek their spiritual connection, with self, a savior, God, Christ consciousness, all of which are labels, and all of who have promised to return and save us at some End Time of light and revelation.

But what does that mean? Return to do what? Save the wounded souls from what? Lead them where?

This is all about the 'wounds' of the 3D experience giving way to balance and movement to higher levels of consciousness. It is about letting go of the ties that bind you to the emotions of the physical realms and the rebirth of your soul/consciousness in higher light, higher frequency of thought and understanding.

Saviors, such as Jesus, seemed to have experienced great pain and suffering, wounds inflicted and imprinted on their soul marker. It would seem that you must think of saviors as sharing your pain and suffering so they may understand the human experience, after which we resurrect and rise passed the physical experience.

Human consciousness has come into awareness that it is dysfunctional and needs healing to create balance. It is where we are as a race created to experience emotions which go from love to the pain inflicted by the wounds we and those around us create. It is in truth all about growth and experience which is why we often feel abandoned by our god-figure who allows us to suffer.

We spend much of our time healing our wounds. We come to metaphysics for answers we cannot find in the world, for our souls know the truth is not in the physical.

Wounds are thought to be burned away by the sacred flame that ignite the spirit and the return of the Phoenix. One often speaks of burning off karmic ribbons and healing wounds with the Violet Flame.

Those who heal their wounds, become the healers...

But...can we become healers if we have not been wounded? It would seem that most healers have experienced great pain and suffering and are here to help others release their pain and create balance. The 'wounds', of many lifetimes need to heal.... This is the spiritual pulse of the world grid.

But what happens when the Wounded Healer is healed and has had enough drama with healing? It is then they are shown the truth behind the illusion of reality.

Who is The Wounded Healer?

Many articles and books have been written about The Wounded Healer.

It is the person who has gone through suffering, sometimes great, and as a result of that process has become a source of great wisdom, healing power and inspiration for others. In fact, the archetypal wounded healer undergoes a transformation as a result of their wound, their suffering and pain. They can actually transcend it, and successfully lead themselves to a path of service. It is as if the wound itself helps you drive yourself to an inner journey that becomes the transformation itself. One strips away the selfish, ego-based feeling of being all alone in our wound and expands to see others and how if one chooses a different role, one can help.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shadow People

Shadow people appear as dark shadowy human forms. They can appear as male or female or even children. I am often asked if they are evil and are to be exorcised. I hate this question. The simple fact of the matter is that Shadow people come from another realm that runs parallel to ours. They cross over and go back constantly. They cannot be spoken to like you would to a real flesh and blood person, but they actually do interact with us. I have 2 that live in my home. One is shy and only comes into contact with me during the late after midnite hours. He slinks from room to room checking everything out and then stands guard in the foyer of my home. The other one is very mischievous, he likes to mess with my son when he is doing dishes at nite. He comes up and jumps in and out of the kitchen and comes up behind him and stage whispers into his ear: HEY! OR LOOK! making him jump. Then the shadow man will run out of the room is large jumping runs and vanish. Sometimes he hides by the hallway alcove and watching my daughters or myself putting clothes away. He always makes a point of letting us see him watching us. My tribe has always known they are here. We believe that they have communities and families in their world. They are harmless and really are just pranksters. I have never ever encountered one that was evil or spoke outright to me. They are just silent visitors that I have learned to appreciate.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Angelic work

Angels perform the perfect work of the world. Souls in their complete Angelhood are not at once transported to far-off regions of bliss, remote from the Earth and its Spiritual states; when they have become Angels or attained Angelhood, they thus begin their real work.

True happiness in the re-united Soul, long ages severed by the conditions of Time and Sense, consists not only in the perfect Oneness that has been regained by "Overcoming" those conditions, but must also be the result of such helpfulness and ministration to others as belongs to the degree of Angelhood thus attained: ministering to others; to Spirits either embodied in earthly forms or existing in some of the spirit states that immediately follow the earthly embodiments.

As older children of a human household share in the care of the younger and more helpless ones, so these Children of the parental Angel of a Soul-household (group) become in turn the aids and helpers of those still struggling through earthly states.

This assistance is given by ministrations as guardian Angels (under the Guidance of the Parent Angel), for always upon the Earth are those who can receive impressions from such Angels: Inventors, Discoverers, Announcers of Truths pertaining to the material and spiritual well-being of Earth's inhabitants.

Not only are such inspirations given to geniuses, those who have reached the culminating state in any given line of investigation or accomplishment, but for the better illustration of Truth, Fundamental Truth in any branch of Human inquiry or need. Angels are appointed to appear on Earth in human form, to wear the garb of mortality; not this time for experience and conquest, but to illustrate the victory they have won, to give the real answer to the vexed problems of life. Since none but the perfect Soul (having vanquished all the obstacles and solved all the problems of earth-life) can illustrate perfectly such solution.

Angels thus embodied bear no distinctive mark, do not come "labeled" as Angels, and though the higher Angels would know and place them, mortals still in their imperfect state could not discern the Angel, even though in their midst, or in the same household.

It must not be supposed, as previously stated, that those lives expressing Culminating lines: Geniuses, Inventors, Discoverers, - lines of any of the Arts, Mechanics, or other Culminations - are Angels. Those who struggle through many, many successive embodiments to reach a given height, become at last the Geniuses of their art or pursuit, whatever it may be; but these are only culminating in one line of victory, and must take up each separate line of human endeavor.

Angels are already equipped, mentally and spiritually, for the work they come to do, which, of course, they must accomplish with earthly things. With them is no need of "experiment," "practice," or other preparation. And while their human parentage and environment may be obscure, conveying no hint of the purpose for which such a life (Angel) is bom, still the personality of the Angel very soon demonstrates superiority to the usual conditions and limitations with which human beings are surrounded.

Since human existence on this and all the planets is so wisely governed by the Infinite Law - fashioned in Wisdom and Love - the Angel must become embodied in either the masculine or feminine form - or, for especial work and illustration, both forms may appear at the same time to express the One Angel.

Contemporaneous lives, and even the imperfect and partial records called history, may not perceive or mention, much less understand, the object or mission of the lives of these Angels. Persecution, calumny, scorn, even the infliction of physical torture and death, have no terrors for the Embodied Angels. Oft-times ages must pass before the world begins to realize the work outwrought by some angelic life on earth. Not always is the work or purpose of the life definitely announced, but is fulfilled in the life itself, in the nature of it, in its accomplishment.

It is not too great an assertion to declare that the really perfect work going on among all the nations of the world: the work in cities, towns, communities; with governments, legislative assemblies, rulers; in agriculture, in science, philosophy, discovery, invention; in art, literature, mechanics; the real work, the perfect work, is performed by embodied Angels.

Mathematics alone, - thus far in human history the only perfect Science, - illustrates this: that the perfect, fundamental Truths (Principles) are announced by those who know. It is true that human beings in ordinary states, fragments of the divided Soul, may partially see and note the perfect principles, and apply to uses of life the primal truths of the universe as illustrated by those who know, who, through having conquered every obstacle and weakness of earth, have come into the Divine possession of the perfect state of knowledge, and that the Angels so demonstrating these Fundamental Principles may guide, aid, and show the way to those still in the imperfect conditions of earth (or planetary) life. These are some of the palpable reasons revealed in the Divine Government of Souls, for Angels to walk the earth as human beings.

Such embodied messengers are referred to in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible of the Jews and Christians, and in the Vedas, Avesta and other Zends, Shastras and various Sacred books of the Orient; while Grecian, Roman, Egyptian and Scandinavian Mythologies are filled with the accounts of the tutelar "gods" (Angels) who become mortals for some especial work or purpose in connection with the will or wish of "Jove" (or the Most High). In fact, Olympus itself was not so far removed from earthly states as to be wholly exempt from human ills and temptations. It seemed a sort of meeting place between the earth and heaven, a commingling of heavenly and earthly attributes, and Parnassus was a dwelling place for those divinities, the Muses, that aided and bore part in the graces of human life and art, and sang the songs of the Sides, revealing thus the perfect attributes of beauty.

It is also clearly evident that many of the "messengers" ("men") referred to in the Hebraic records, were Angels clothed with human forms for purposes of especial ministration. "Entertaining an Angel unawares" is not, therefore, a mere form of poetic speech, but often a reality.

The Pathway of Embodied Angels. This shining way is not revealed by distinctive announcement or demarkation; but after years and generations have passed, and perhaps new nations have sprung into existence, the Trail of Light is distinctly traced by those who follow, and who are seeking to emulate the works of the "Shining Ones," the "Great Ones."

The Ideals they have made Real, the master works they have accomplished, the encouragements left for those who still must journey the toilsome but ever eagerly sought way, to reach the heights - and the knowledge that one day they will achieve; their time of attainment will surely come.

Colossal monuments and Temples, all useless implements and outgrown structures, will pass or so change as to be no longer recognized as useful or valuable. Works of art - even those disentombed that have been buried for ages and restored to the gaze and admiration of the world! - will in the lapse of time perish - be allowed to crumble to dust.

But for recurrent periods of human existence, - to those requiring similar expressions - similar results, similar illustrations, from the embodied Angels, for the new period - those Angels will appear.

Such illustrations and periods are cyclic, and demonstrate that souls reaching certain or particular states of unfoldment in expression, have as they require similar Teachers, - Exemplars; and that the primal Truths are the same - whether taught in the first or latest Dispensation or cycle, while, probably, not a new Truth - except in the form or manner of its expression - is given to the world except in the Dispensations (Messianic).

Yet again and again are those Truths enunciated, those Principles illustrated, - as needed by the embodied Souls traveling along the pathway of endeavor in those directions.

Shining heights of Religion, Philosophy, Art, Science, reveal the way these Bright Ones have trod; while along the valleys and toilsome steeps toward the heights, toil and struggle the aspiring ones, oft-times the weary ones - seeking for the "perfect way" to reach the height of Holy Glory.


When a soul crosses to the afterlife, it journeys into one of two opposing realms;A divine source of harmony and well being or A consuming source of evil and malevolence. A midworld exists for the souls whose judgment has yet to be decided. It is commonly referred to as purgatory. For centuries Seven Arch angels, protectors of the light and seven fallen angels, soldiers of Darkness have silently fought for balance of power over these unclaimed souls. Each side is restricted to sending only one warrior in every spiritual cycle. Upon arrival they must assume human form to walk among humanity.

They are charged with protecting us: Children of the light. For once the chain is broken and humanity has perished there will be nothing to fight for. No more light.


Memory is nothing more than ego impressions imprinted onto the raw sense data,consciousness lattices laid over the chemical cages of the brain. It is the psychological bindings,the way these structures become our identities, that anchors the spirit to the flesh. These secrets linger with the soul. My soul. Your soul. We are all that we are and no more.


What is a Shaman? I am asked this quite a lot.
The Shaman can traverse the spiritual currents like ghost and still walk the earth like a man.
As within, As without. They are mirror patterns, The currents of spiritual power flow all over the works. They are the rivers of creation from which we came and to which we shall return. The Shaman is a fish that breathes both air and water. We walk a path that is lonely and strewn with the wreckage of souls that have become lost or burdened. We are charged with cleaning the paths and repairing the souls that we come into contact with.
The Shaman is chosen. We have no say in it. Creator has seen who has the gift of reading and drawing the souls and charged them with this laborious task. We are given certain tools to do this job. My tools are Empathy,Aural Reading and repair and precognition.I have had them since age 3. When they were realized, I was given to the Shaman to teach and develop my skills.
The Shaman walks with one foot in this world and one in the other realm. We are able to conduct our work in either. For the world is energy. Humanity is energy. Animals are energy. So are spirits.
And the Universe is a self - perpetuating system.
As above, so below.