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Friday, February 5, 2010

Shadow People

Shadow people appear as dark shadowy human forms. They can appear as male or female or even children. I am often asked if they are evil and are to be exorcised. I hate this question. The simple fact of the matter is that Shadow people come from another realm that runs parallel to ours. They cross over and go back constantly. They cannot be spoken to like you would to a real flesh and blood person, but they actually do interact with us. I have 2 that live in my home. One is shy and only comes into contact with me during the late after midnite hours. He slinks from room to room checking everything out and then stands guard in the foyer of my home. The other one is very mischievous, he likes to mess with my son when he is doing dishes at nite. He comes up and jumps in and out of the kitchen and comes up behind him and stage whispers into his ear: HEY! OR LOOK! making him jump. Then the shadow man will run out of the room is large jumping runs and vanish. Sometimes he hides by the hallway alcove and watching my daughters or myself putting clothes away. He always makes a point of letting us see him watching us. My tribe has always known they are here. We believe that they have communities and families in their world. They are harmless and really are just pranksters. I have never ever encountered one that was evil or spoke outright to me. They are just silent visitors that I have learned to appreciate.

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  1. From Debrinconcita in Portland,Oregon. My older son just told me yesterday that he see's shadow people. He thought that everyone see's them. I used in my old house. But, not the one I live in now? He say's he doesn't see them here either. But, he say's it's been going on for many years and I wished he would have told me.I remember everyone in our old complex wanting me to bless their homes and do ceremonies alot. But, I don't know anyone here.