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Monday, February 22, 2010


A passive life, lived without challenge or struggle, often causes the stuff of souls to dissipate at death in a new incarnation, what we call an aborted soul.
In fact, MOST often a first incarnation involves an abortion, but once formed the soul does not die.The spark is not lit, and after death, dissipation occurs.
The stuff of souls gathers into a conscious being,
because it finds the environment interesting. Some formation occurs, during the incarnation, but if the life has not been challenging then it has not massed, and is prone to dissipation upon the death of the body.Once formed, however,entities do not
dissipate. Failure to form is due to a lazy or indolent lifestyle, lack of native intelligence, or lack of stimulation. In this regard, the challenging, stressful life is a benefit, rather than a drawback. A challenge can be viewed as a puzzle to be solved, or very emotional situations, or situations requiring much determination. Thus, a child crippled, determined to continue his role in the group, will be working a challenge, a puzzle, that requires mental work as well as emotional accompaniment.The stuff of souls has this innate nature, to begin with. Souls have the mental capacity the human brain does, and more. It does not forget! And it thus can think and decide, indeed does so and argues at times with the human incarnated.

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