We all are connected

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alien souls pt3

An advanced race of conscious beings are probably going to
be at many different places at a given time. They are probably
going to be from a different universe. The reason why we have
not heard anything about intelligent life elsewhere is because the
information is being suppressed. The institutions are that were created by them in the first place control how information is released and what information is withheld. This same thing could very well be going on in many different places in the universe, perhaps even on planets somewhere in this solar system or nearby star systems. There may even be an ongoing holocaust or extermination campaign of this universes original occupants. Not just a physical holocaust but
one of consciousness(souls).

Getting back to this UNIVERSE--I further postulate that in
addition to having a basic STRUCTURE this basic energy
substrate(of our universe--as well as the one for many others)
should have a basic operating frequency--its wavelength based
on its size. This frequency aspect is important because I believe that
a possibility exists that a dimensional spectrum may exist that is
based on frequency domains. I would ideally think of this
spectrum as being perpendicularly oriented to 3-dimensional space as we
CURRENTly know it. This offers the possibility of many universes
existing in the same 3-D spatial dimension but separated by an
ENERGY DIMENSION that runs perpendicular to it. These
different universes may be in the same 3 dimensions but their
ENERGY/FREQUENCY dimension or domain would be different,
just like in a STACKED deck of cards where the cards share 2
dimensions but are separated by a third dimension. These
different universes share a 3 dimensional space which is separated by this
additional ENERGY/FREQUENCY DOMAIN. Another way of
thinking about what I have just said is to think of 3-D cylinder
projecting infinitely in both directions. These two infinitely
projecting directions of the cylinder may be thought of as the ENERGY/FREQUENCY spectrum that I just theorized. Each universe exists in a frequency domain which can
be thought of as a thin slice(cross section) or a single plane in this
infinitely projecting cylinder. Each plane or cross section would represent a
3-d spatial universe that could be infinitely projecting at right
angles to this infinitely projecting frequency(of ENERGY) or
hyperspatial dimension. Second I want to point out that this energy/frequency
dimension may in itself be multidimensional. I also want to note
that there may be many more dimensions--spatial, as well as
energy(maybe space is actually composed of modules of energy) and that alternatively our 3
dimensional space may also be a finite space or a superdimension(3 spatial planes
fused together since there has never been any evidence to
indicate any dimensions less than three although there may be
alien dimensions that could have less)-- this dimension may be
nested within a larger dimension and this larger dimension may be
part of a still even greater spatial dimensions. A hierarchy could
exist consisting of a nested set of spatial dimensions within spatial
dimensions just as their may also be nested set of energy structures within
energy structures. Our 3d space could be represented as 3
spheres in a larger sphere and this larger sphere could be one of
3 spheres in a still larger sphere(and so on). There may be also
universes that are so alien to us that they may never be accessed because the structure of their
matter and energy and the phenomena that composes it are so fundamentally different.
There may be universes that are even so bizarre and exotic in relation to our own that the
fundamental material and structure that underlies their composition cannot even be defined as energy, at least not as we know it.

If there is frequency(hyperspatial) dimension
that exists orthogonal TO the 3Dspatial dimension(that is known) then perhaps a
technology of frequency shifting matter to a higher frequency
domain where you could traverse the same distance in space in
much LESS TIME--due to the possibility of less friction, a higher
energy state, and therefore greater speed in this higher domain could possibly be
developed. Maybe this has already been done.

An advanced race from another universe should be able able to
phase/frequency shift between dimensional spectrums to go from
one universe to the other. It is highly probable that this already
been done. Just because the general public's been told otherwise and
is force fed false ideas and theories such as religion and god and
from a handful of people at the(arbitary) social institutions that are holding the real humans
back does not mean it is so. They are merely trying to hold the human race at bay intellectual speaking through self-limiting ideas and so far have done an exceedingly excellent job at that.

Alien souls pt 2

All human appearing beings on earth and elsewhere are not necessarily of the same origin if
even if they do both possess human bodies with the same core biological functions and processes. If there is an underlying consciousness it is not necessarily the same type of consciousness(soul) in all human appearing beings. There is a real possibility that an
alien form of consciousness can exist in human bodies alongside
other *normal humans* without them realizing it. This is what a
practical alien race would do if they were to come to a different universe for some sort of dimensional conquest. In fact any advanced alien intelligence will realize that if they are going to infiltrate a universe outside their own with beings already occupying it they are going to have to assume the dominant form. In other words appear human. They would not even attempt anything as propesterous as coming as themselves and hiding in underground bases as has been alleged by many disinformation agents that are operating websites on the internet about grey aliens that look so much different than humans. They would assume a human form through manipulation of the physics that allows certain types of souls or conscious entities to occupy a human type body and mesh with other human groups in order to evade detection. There may be many different types of human species throughout our universe with possibly different types of consciousness or souls. Diiferent types of human beings with different soul structures and an alien consciousness that originally came from a different universe may have come to earth sometime in the past from a different part of our universe. An advanced alien race from another universe could infiltrate one very small portion of the universe and overwhelm it's inhabitants and use their biological materials to create a hybrid or new race that carries the alien consciousness and allows the alien souls to exist in the universe they are invading in larger and larger numbers. This new race would look like a human if this was the form that they manipulated at the onset of ntheir entry into this universe. They would then have a cover to go out and infiltrate the remainder of the universe in question. If the human form has always the dominant form of intelligence for this universe then an initial conquest and containment of a small isolated part of the universe would give them the materials and resources needed to further infiltraate the rest of the universe. By creating a race of counterfiet humans that could be used to cloak their real identities they could then set out to continue their conquest and destruction of the universes original inhabitants. As I will state in some the following paragraphs use of advanced technology could be used to limit the consciousness of the group of beings they are infiltrating as long as they possess suuficient knowledfe of the physics involved in their consciousness and how technology could alter consciousness without detection. Also it should be recognized that the human body may merely be a suit that can be worn by diiferent conscious beings who can understand and manipulate the physics involved. There is no way that anyone would be able to know whether we are all the same unless they have awareness of their own consciousness(soul). Some people on earth who could be alien souls might have awareness of their own spiritual consciousness while others who may not have awareness and full function of their consciousness may not due to supression via advanced technology. This suprression of consciousness could be acheived possibly by an anomalous electromagnetic signal that is produced by this
alien races(alien souls). This anomolous electromagnetic activity could inhibit awareness
simply by causing a polarization effect on the electromagnetic activity in the
frequency spectrum by which the consciousness of the other race
operates on. It would be undetectable by that race and the alien
race would not be affected because their consciousness would in
all likelyhood be based on other physics and other frequency spectrum
or range. Also an alien race who is aware of their soul-consciousness will probably be mentally much more sophisticated and will probably function as one interconnected mind(via some type of radio link but maybe at diiferent frequencies that the ones used in telecommunications) between many different individual alien entities.

Now it is possible also that an alien race did come to the earth in the past and created a hybrid that looks nearly human but has the capacity for an alien soul to dwell within it. This counterfeit type human although similar appearing may be much more advanced than normal and humans. It is possible ironically that this psuedo human(alien soul) could be somehow reptilian in nature and there may even be subtle differences between this entities and other humans that could be evident through facial patterns, vague undertones and features, bone structure, although it would be very hard for a normal human being who does not even have access to his/her full consciousness to accurately discern. Some counterfeit human beings may have more prominences than others and some real human beings may have characteristics that might suggest something anomalous when it is not the case. There may also just be many different types of humans beings or biological species that are here and for different reasons. Maybe no life on earth know was originally from here???

There are probably different types of intelligence's,
hence beings with different consciousness right here on earth
manipulating the rest of the population in any numbers of ways
through undetectable means. Therefore it appears that they are
not here and everything is calm and serene but they are they just and we are in a sense in an alien reality and the rest of the unassuming population cannot perceive this horrendous deception . Anyone asking these questions needs to realize that an alien race who is doing these things(posing as humans through super advanced technology) is not going to admit it, obviously. They will try to do everything they can to confuse and befuddle
those that they are deceiving. Things like issuing forth all kinds of
contradicting theories and ideas. False theories such as those in
religion. The use of social institutions such as politics, religion,
and even mainstream academia.

For those who do not think that an adversarial alien race is here
doing some of these things look at the present condition of the
earth. Mankind supposedly is torn in conflict which is explained away by
illogical concepts disseminated from arbitrary social institutions. If
the social institutions or more correctly anti-social(anti-human)
institutions alone(and their arbitrary power) were done away with
the real human souls on this earth would benefit IMMENSELY. It
would also be nice if the earth could be returned to the people.
There is enough land and resources for everyone including the
counterfeit humans but they only want to oppress the earth as a
whole. The earth should freely belong to all of it's inhabitants. If we all had the kind of access that is right for us to have there would not be any of the desparaging situations or conditions that exist today on this earth. It should not be held away from the people whom it belongs to.
Unfortunately because the vast majority of real humans(souls)
have been duped into passivity with phony political, social,
religious, and educational agendas by their alien(conterfeit
human) counterparts that look amazingly like them the earth is
really a spiritual concentration camp. This scenario as
unbelievable as you think it may sound is more believable than
any of the prevailing religions. Even more important if you give it
some time and serious consideration what I am saying is a
possibility if not a very high probability. It may even be possible that the
history books that are being force fed to school children each and
every year is full of events that never happened. Something
entirely different may have been going on at these times.

Alien Souls that inhabit human bodies

The question is are all people on earth the same beneath are exterior human
bodies which are really just body suit's if we do indeed have a seperate
consciousness or soul. How would any normal human being know if all other
humans or just some have the same type of consciousness or soul.

The Answer is they would NOT KNOW. There may be some humans who are very much ahead or
more advanced in terms of consciousness that are from different paradimensional universes
visiting here for an undisclosed agenda. It however does not seem to good if
they are keeping their true identites now, does it?

Why I do what I do

Many pursuits are called spiritual. One can take many paths. There are paths of faith, such as religion. There are paths that use laws of nature and the Spirit world such as Witches and Shamans. Then there is the path of a Woman or Man of Knowledge. What is it that distinguishes Witches, Sorcerers, or Shamans from a Woman or Man of Knowledge? The difference is large and the destination is very different. There are Indians that are Witches or Sorcerers. There are Toltecs that are Shamans. And, there are Indians that either are, or are becoming, Women and Men of Knowledge. There are also Indians that are all of these things. Briefly, a Witch or Sorcerer uses the laws of nature and sometimes allies to manipulate the people and the world around them. They can do this for ‘good’ or ‘bad’ intent. A Shaman uses the spirit and nature world to heal and work with the supernatural. A Man or Woman of Knowledge may also be a Witch, Sorcerer or Shaman, but their Intent is something entirely different. What is this Intent?
People come to a spiritual path for different reasons. Some come to escape from their pain. Others may be attracted to magic or expanded states of consciousness. There are a few others who are looking for something more. They are following a deep urge that comes from within. What is this urge?A Man or Woman of Knowledge is urged by their Dreamer, Higher Self or Soul to complete their Purpose (Unfulfilled Intent) for this lifetime and through the process grow and evolve.Growth and evolution can be described, but cannot be known until one experiences them. The average person may have some concept of growth, but little of Self Evolution. Moreover, they have no real desire to grow and evolve. Evolving is a fundamental lifting of one’s state of being to a higher frequency. It is a raising of the platform Self resides upon.One can be an excellent Witch, Sorcerer, or Shaman and not have a clue about growth and evolution. For most, growth and evolution are simply not part of their path. They do not yet have the urging from within. Others may have the urging but it is distorted by wounding and inventory. So, it doesn’t surface as motivation to embark on a path of growth and evolution.Having psychic powers or being connected to the Spirit world has nothing to do with one’s level of being. A higher level of being requires growth and evolution. This is a common point of confusion for many. They believe that if a person is psychic, they must be spiritually evolved. This is simply not the case.

Becoming a Woman or Man of Knowledge requires one to grow and evolve. What Indians call ‘seeing’, the ability to sense and negotiate worlds of energy and so on, are by-products of growth and evolution. A Man or Woman of Knowledge will have these abilities. However, having these abilities does not mean that one is a Man or Woman of Knowledge. It is like logic 101. If all of A are B, it doesn’t mean that all of B are A. If all oranges are fruit, it doesn’t mean all fruit are oranges. In other words, just because Men or Women of Knowledge can ‘see’, doesn’t mean that if one ‘sees’ they are a Man or Woman of Knowledge.

A true spiritual path is about growth and evolution – raising one’s level of being. A pre-requisite to a spiritual path is healing and clearing out inventory. If you wish to become a Woman or Man of Knowledge, you must evolve. To evolve you must complete your growth cycles. A Woman or Man of Knowledge chooses the Path of Ultimate Freedom, which brings you home. End of growth cycle.

Bigfoot and fey

In many works of art and literature, fairies are seen as creatures with small iridescent wings. In some cases, fairies fly only with fairy magic. Tinkerbell, a popular Disney fairy has a small pouch of fairy dust that, when sprinkled on heads filled with happy thoughts, can make someone fly. Historically, fairies fly using basic fairy magic or the use of their wings. Girls everywhere dream of, one day, being able to fly like a glimmering fairy.

Fairy Glamour & Shielding: The Ability to Mask True Appearances and Hide from View

The fairy glamour is the ability to hide or mask their appearances or the appearances of others behind a veil of fairy magic. What looks like a haggard old lady may actually be a beautiful fairy hidden behind her glamour. Historically, fairies used their glamour in order to hide the true whereabouts of their Sidhe Mounds or Fairy mounds. What, to some, may look like nothing but a pile of fallen rocks, may actually be a spectacular palace bedecked in jewels and gold.

Fairy shielding is the fairy’s ability that allows it to hide from human view by vibrating its body at super high speeds. The vibrating makes it so that they aren’t in one place long enough to be seen. Unfortunately, if fairies don’t want to be seen, you won’t see them. There is a suspicion that some are born with the ability to see past fairy glamour and shielding. If only we were all so lucky!

Mind Control: The Fairies Ability to Mesmerize

The fairy Mesmer, or mind control ability, is widely believed to be used on humans to make them do fairy bidding. The fairy only needs to have eye contact in order to take over your mind with a simple turn of phrase or change in voice tone. The only way to fight the fairy Mesmer is to wear reflective eye gear or to not look them in the eye at all.
Presto Chango: The Fairies Ability to Shape Shift

Fairies can be as big as a bear, as small as an ant, as ugly as a troll or as beautiful as a princess…or they can actually be all of those things. Fairies have the ability to change their shapes, also called shape shifting. One minute you could be arguing with a diminutive woman and in the next moment you are staring down the face of a Siberian Tiger!
Fairies are amazing mythical creatures with truly awesome powers. No one really knows the limit of fairy magic or even if there is a limit at all.

All of this said do I think that Bigfoot is a fairy? Maaaybe...he was explained this way because he could come and go from our reality. And yes, he does possess all of these same skills that they fey have. I was just going thru some of my photos this morning and looking at them and thinking about how inky black they make the shadows when they are in there hiding. The shadows do not look like any of the other shadows around... you can always spot them and hey presto! there is always a bigfoot in there. Add to this the fact that they can be invisible and be right in front of you, camouflage themselves to look like trees or stumps...and well yes, I do think that long ago the BF were considered a type of fey. Now we know different. They are paradimensional beings. But hey, so are Fairies.

Light,Light beings, light orbs are all connected

Light: a wave vibration in space and time.

’And then there was Light’.. Light has many divine qualities: it is immortal, it cannot be destroyed it is invincible, light is miraculous it can be at many places at once.

Science stipulates that the light we see here in our universe is also impacting several other dimensions at the same time; this may be the reason why, in religious ceremonies, a candle is lit with a prayer, in essence, the prayer will travel with the light thru many dimensions and carry the message with it to the Creator.

Quantum mechanics science stipulates that light is a wave and space is a void.. the question is how can we see the light from stars if the wave cannot travel in a void?

Classical mechanics follows as the limit of quantum mechanics in a fine grained universe.
In our experience, ordinary light is coherent in air because the probability of a visible photon colliding with an air molecule over the distances involved is small.
On the other hand, In space, gamma ray photons appear to travel classical paths because they have high probability to scatter, and decohere, over the same distances.

waves and waves of change are coming

Two massive waves of light and energy are moving through the universe, through you and through the Earth. They are working together in perfect synchronization, evolving everything to a higher order. This energy transformation is heralding a transition of great proportions and we are all in the midst of it.

One of these waves expands outward, like ever-widening ripples on a pond, spreading greater light, knowledge and wisdom, opening the gates to higher consciousness and evolution. This wave is shifting mass consciousness from the third-dimensional perspective, through the fourth, into a fifth-dimensional perspective. This wave will create a fifth-dimensional community on Earth that will realign us with All That Is.

As this wave accelerates, it is fascinating to observe how it continues to powerfully and positively affect us. This wave is making it possible for the second wave to unlock all that has been keeping us stuck in 3D.

The second wave is a destabilizing pattern that is dissolving everything that is no longer working in our lives. Please note that I did not say “destroy”; I said “dissolve.” This wave is breaking apart all dysfunctional patterns on every level. All that is lacking in integrity will crumble away and be replaced with new patterns of energy, light, knowledge and wisdom coming in on the first wave. While one wave of light is emptying the vessel, the other wave of light is refilling it.

These transformative waves are allowing all of us to re-wire, re-connect and re-member who we truly are and what we really came here to accomplish. Like a tsunami, these waves are significantly stepping up in intensity. We will see tremendous transitions in the upcoming months and years. We are playing in very exciting times, but we need skills and tools that will help us ride these waves with grace and ease.

Riding the Waves - Creating Your Reality

Our thoughts and feelings create all of our experiences. Thought is our greatest ability. It can also be our greatest liability. The difference between success and struggle is the degree to which we use the focusing tools of intention, attention and thoughts.

The mind is active 24/7. Your thoughts flow in an unending stream that keeps you busily creating your reality, consciously or unconsciously, all day long. Everything you are currently experiencing in this moment first began as a thought.

Your unconscious thinking creates just as powerfully and swiftly as your conscious thinking does. Unconscious thoughts are like misguided missiles, whereas intentionally-directed thoughts result in precise outcomes. In these fast-moving times of acceleration, all of our thoughts are manifesting our realty much faster than ever before. Therefore, it is more important now to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings and to understand that we are the creators of all of our experiences. Those powerful waves of light flowing through and around us are intensifying and quickening all of our manifestations now.

Your Thoughts + Your Emotions = Your Experiences

Perhaps the most powerful emotion-charged thought is known as Fear. Fear is cohesive, solid and very real in the third dimension, and it’s a very dense thought-form. Fearful thoughts are charged with emotion. Emotion-packed thoughts are like powerful magnets. They transmit signals to the universe and the universe automatically responds. The Universal Law of Attraction is a magnetic force that finds you irresistible. If you want to see this law in action in your life, pay close attention to the thoughts you concentrate on and the feelings you emote.

Your thoughts and feelings are broadcasts to the universe. The universe “hears” them as requests and always delivers a matching vibration to you in return. The stronger the thought/emotion, the faster and more powerfully it will be delivered to you. The Law of Attraction is an excellent barometer showing you where your attention is focused at any given moment. The Universe is not responding to your language but to your vibration, and your vibration is all about the way you feel. If you could trace your present experience back to the exact moment it was “born”, you would always discover the original thought/emotion that launched it into motion.

Fearful, worrisome thoughts and archaic belief systems keep you locked in a third-dimensional reality and make it very difficult to maintain a vibration high enough to move you into a fourth or fifth-dimensional reality. You can disrupt your fear-driven thoughts-emotions and replace those limiting beliefs by consciously choosing to focus on higher thoughts and newer perspectives. Once you begin to choose where you place your attention, new choices become available to you. Fear, then, simply becomes another choice, not a given result. Manage your thought-emotion and you will be the master of your life.

A Tool to Establish Your Personal Space

As the waves of energy step up, greater levels of light, wisdom, and knowledge become increasingly available to us. The more you can merge and anchor the light within you, the quicker you will awaken and fulfill your spiritual purpose. As you begin to vibrate with 5-D consciousness surrounded by 3-D energy, it is vital to know where you start and stop, which brings us to an important tool, the Octahedron.

The aura of a balanced person extends about an arm’s length away from their physical body. It radiates in every direction. Hold your arm out in front of you now and pretend you are holding a rose between your fingertips. Using your imagination, envision the universe starting on the other side of that rose. Do the same to the left and right of you and behind you, leaving a rose at each of those points, then place a rose above your head. If you trace imaginary lines and join all the roses you will create a four-sided pyramid around you. Its base will be running through your heart chakra and its apex will be about 18 inches above your crown. Just pretend. Repeat this exercise, only this time place a rose about 18 inches below your feet and connect more imaginary lines to create a downward-pointing pyramid. Connect the bases of each pyramid (base to base) at the level of your heart. This creates an 8-sided, geometric shape around you called an Octahedron. Next, fill the eight faces (8 triangles) with light. The space inside this geometry is you and everything outside this field defines the rest of the universe.

As you build this geometry around you, play in it and make it a game. Observe the world from inside it. If you stay within this Octahedron of light you will not become affected by the emotions of other people who are on the other side of it. Some of you are extremely sensitive to other people’s emotions, thoughts and erratic behaviors and, as you start vibrating at higher levels, you will want to reinforce this geometry around you. This will keep other peoples’ energy from invading your space and you will find that much of the noise, drama, and attention you have felt from others begin to drop away. Your style, your joy, your enthusiasm, your choices, and your ability to express yourself are only about you and your path. Simply begin to regard everybody outside your octahedron as actors in a play performing for your entertainment. Play with this as a new toy and make it fun.

Many wonderful changes are occurring around and within all of us now. Please play with these skills and tools to help you move more easily through this grand Shift. We are on our journey Home.


Now is the time for the awakening of the Gatekeepers. Many are gathered at this portal, which exists between the World of Form and the Multiverse. There was a time when this one gate was two. It was "fragmented" into an "upper world" and a "lower world." As of now, that conceptual model has been superceded.

Indeed, the assignment of "upper" and "lower" to the unseen worlds is just another manifestation of judgment---applied to a passageway of consciousness which has no reason to be judged. It is there, and it is time that we knew about it.

The term "Berdache" is a French European application of an ancient tradition which spans many reality contexts. It is a GIFT, an ability that has become an entire state of consciousness. In a nutshell, these dear people have the capacity---usually from birth--- to feel into both sides of the human polarity spectrum. Therefore, if you are a Berdache male, you would have all the physical/mental faculties and predispositions that accompany that gender assignment plus you would be able to access all of the emotions, thought patterns, and subconscious imagery that a female has as well. The same is true (in reverse) of Berdache females.

The "Berdache" are also known as llahamana, adonisgi, gatekeepers, nadle, mexago, winkte, yirka- la ul, and i-wa-wisp. They are those individuals who, because of their essential energetic androgyny, have the power to enter the Otherworld. This is NOT a sexual orientation. It is spiritual. Some Berdache are gay, but that is more a choice of action, a preference, than it is a mandate for the usage of this gift.

The indigenous thought about the Other World, the realm of the Gods, is that it is a realm of ONENESS. The Gods or spirits are both masculine and feminine in one. Though a certain spirit might manifest before a human in either a masculine or feminine character, it is---at it's core---BOTH genders.

The Berdache are special in the fact that they carry this androgynous energy---the energy of the Gods. It is what makes them able to exist both in physical form and also "journey" into the other realms as well. Hermes Trismegastrus and the Egyptian God THOTH were both examples of this propensity for androgyny. In fact, the term "hermaphrodite" (Hermes+ Aphrodite) refers to the marriage of the archetypal male and female (these two were the children of Zeus). This important predisposition is seen clearly in the African culture. In childbirth, the spirit of the fetus is exhorted through the voice of the mother. It is at this time that the "energy" of it's soul is examined by the village Shaman. Certain souls who possess this androgyny are seen to be "blessed from birth." They are called "the holy ones." It is in this African tradition that the name of "Gatekeeper" is given to the child. Many preparations are made to welcome it into the community, including the giving of an appropriate name to "harmonize" with it's sacred purpose.

The Berdache are the highest shamans, healers, teachers, diviners, dreamers, prophets, and guardians of the Gateway. To them, sexuality is nothing more than an extension of their spiritual being. If their energy was not used for this purpose, there would develop a blockage or build-up that would seek expression. Quite often, that expression would end up being sexual, since touching another human always causes this energy to flow.

The priestesses in the Temples of the Goddess were often Berdache. Though they often lived "normal" lives---having husbands and families---they would choose, at key times to go and live at the Temple, devoting many hours,
days, weeks to worship of the Goddess.

In this "Temple-system" of worship, people from the city would come and pay homage to the particular face or version of the Goddess for which the Temple was built. Most noted were the Temples for Diana, Artemis, Isis, and Hecate---though there were/are many more faces of the ONE Goddess. The "homage" would often consist of money or physical goods---which would be utilized for the upkeep of the Temple as well as the support of the Priestesses.

Temple worship was often sexual in nature. Many times, children were born of the connections made there. These children were raised in the Temple and were called "Children of the Goddess." Those less sympathetic with this religious system, who wrote about these "rites," would refer to these Priestesses as "Temple Prostitutes." They looked upon them with scorn, and later sought to overthrow the whole system.

Many of these Priestesses were Berdache. In the evening time, after sacrifices were through, they would often express their love and commitment sexually with each other. These interactions were not necessarily "gay." They were not necessarily
ANYTHING, other than an "in-the-moment" expression of spiritual truth.

Also in the Native American and African traditions, there were certain forms of Berdache expression which were called WARRIOR-SHAMANS or SHAMAN-CHIEFS. They could commune with the other world but could not journey there---unless their souls left their bodies---an activity which is called "soul traveling." These Shaman types, although heterosexual in orientation, would often take on the skirt of a woman during their period of initiation (and often afterwards, as a sign of their "office.") They wished to honor their feminine "side" even though they were heterosexual in practice.

In many cultures, the warriors of the tribe would have a Berdache attending to them. This was considered a badge of honor, and a necessary element if they were to be successful in battle. Often this "attending" would involve sexual joining. In Celtic cultures, this was particularly true. One Roman writer shook his head, when writing of these practices. He said: "....the Celtic women are not BAD LOOKING. One would wonder why their men, so often, will resort to fondling each other!"

In truth, to explore connection with a Berdache is to invoke power into one's being. It is a way of altering ones polarity---aligning it more with ONENESS---and opening up psychic and mystical powers within the soul. In these religious and ethnic traditions, this willingness to "explore" was/is not considered a perversion at all. Rather, it is a reaching into the realms of the unknown in order that the soul might grow.

The Berdache, as has been shared, typically become the medicine men, the dreamers, the healers, and the prophets. One didn't have to be Berdache to follow these callings, but typically they were. Today, as we are approaching the greatest AWAKENING OF SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE and ACCESSIBILITY that the world has ever known, the Gatekeepers are---once again---being called into service.

All over the world they are "awakening" and becoming aware of their giftedness. It is said, within the Fundamentalist Judeo-Christian traditions, that the sign of the "end-times" is when homosexuality proliferates. This situation, which existed in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, was considered a blasphemy to the Male Godhead. This judgment was the cause of the destruction of those famous cities, as well as the leveling of many Temples of the Goddess.

The predictions of destruction and catastrophe that have been attached to this coming time of Transformation are expressions of POLARIZED MALE fear about acceptance and outward acknowledgement of the internal feminine side. The Multiverse will be full of alternative realities where mountains have to crumble and valleys have to crack open as the Archetypal Male resists the mandate to deal with His "significant otherness."

The universe of Oneness will unite in peace and understanding. Those who are Gatekeepers will arise, each in his or her appointed time, to show the way for integrating these magical powers into the normal flow of human experience. Then, and only then, will the God and Goddess stand together, side- by-side, and rule the way we've always wished they would.

Life is a journey back

Imagine sticking your hand into a puppet and controlling the eyes and mouth. Now imagine a technology where by attaching electrodes to a mannequin that will respond any way you want. Now imagine a more sophisticated technology where a computer wirelessly controls the actions of a robot mannequin. Now, being aware that this has already been achieved today in science, know that there is an advanced technology that controls your robot, the human body, and this technology is an invisible cell commonly referred to as a spirit. An invisible being that created the body from nothing.

Imagine human beings rising from the dirt and beginning to form arms from the dirt, and legs from the dirt, and then facial features. Sound crazy? Well, you originally were a microscopic cell, invisible to the eye. You took the proteins from the womb to build a body, and the proteins in the womb came from the nutrients ingested by the mother. The nutrients the mother ingested were consumed from the waters and the lands, the fruits, vegetables and meats of the Earth. So what is your body? It is an extension of planet Earth, and what controls the body is the spirit that formed it together from nothingness.

Too hard to imagine? Seem to magical and unrealistic? Well, reality is an illusion and you are part of the illusion. However, you are just beginning to realize the truth, the reality beyond physical reality, that what you can not see controls what you do see.

Now, imagine a marble filled with cells that are designed to form trees, seas, plants, clouds, mountains, and other environmental elements. Imagine this marble spinning around a sun and sweeping the cells of the universe inside the marble to grow with each revolution. Imagine the marble growing into a planet, from nothing more than invisible cells of the universe.

Imagine the sun being the ultimate magnet to the marble turned planet, swinging the planet around it into constant animation, and with each revolution, the planet sweeps more cells from the universe into the planet and grows larger. Imagine the planet consuming the invisible cells of the universe to grow similar to how the human consumes the invisible cells that form proteins within a womb.

Too hard to imagine? Seem to magical and unrealistic? Well, once again, what we do not see is what forms what we do see. And if that seems unrealistic, remember this. The television broadcasts images and sounds through a satellite that distributes the sounds and images to millions instantly by waves of air you can not see. Cell phones and internet distribute information by means of cell distribution that you can not see. Still don’t believe it? Well, may as well, because the text you read right now is only possible by transferring information by means of invisible cells. Still don’t believe it? Call a friend and discuss it, but remember to ask your friend if he or she can see the waves that distribute your voices over the phone. If you are starting to understand, you are potentially able to realize what is next, and what is next, is a reality you have only forgot, the reality that created this reality.

Amazing, the ground on Earth bares magic. From the ground, vegetables and fruits and trees and plants can grow from nothing. From the ground, minerals, metals and other elements can form together to create windows, components and casing to fly into space and launch a satellite that is formed from the ground.

These ground elements can even form video cameras
that can record people and be broadcasted to millions of homes instantly. Every television, video recorder, cell phone comes from the ground. Every car comes from the ground. Every human body comes from the ground. Amazing, right? …

Why is it, that if the body is so real, that it inevitably ceases to exist and is buried or burned? Is this not what we do to broken furniture and garbage? Is your body so mighty, important and independent? No! Your body is an illusion of the nutrients you swept together from nothing, and the body will return to the ground, and to the Earth, one way or another.

Are you ready yet for where I am going with this? Are you ready to understand the universe, your true being, and your purpose? Are you ready to understand the true power of life, the power that creates from nothing and forms the organs and elements of both the planet Earth and the human body? Are you ready to understand the secrets of the universe? Are you ready to return to a place where magic instantly becomes created by mere thought? There are those of you who will know exactly what I am talking about, over one hundred million people will know in 2010, this year alone. There are 7 billion on Earth, and an average of 100 million will die per year for the next 70 years, all 7 billion lives will know this reality soon.

What do movies have in common with conscious fantasizing and dreams? They are all able to be experienced without your physical body becoming a part of the imaginary world. Movies are like conscious fantasizing, both are a controlled illusion, while dreams are an uncontrolled illusion of reality, much like the life you live. Dreams, like your present physical illusion are realities that are beyond your control, so what does this tell you about dreams? Dreams are as much a connection to reality as the life you currently believe is reality. The truth is, your spirit ventured here, and ventures into the universe nightly, without having to bring a body with it. The spirit carries no body, and yet it can create one, it can travel throughout the universe instantly.

Sometimes, in dreams people will talk about flying and levitating, or venturing to another world, or being chased by invisible ghosts, sounds kind of Hollywood, but, the creativity in Hollywood is a creation of human fantasy, and human fantasy is an extension of creation within the universe. So for those who wish they were Superman, could fly and repel bullets lol, the following paragraph explains it all.

The spirit came here to experience the illusion of physical existence. The spirit becomes attached to the body it controls, within the environment it used to create the body. The power of super humans is an illusion of Hollywood, it is a creative fantasy. The ability to do supernatural things exceeds the design of both the human body and the environment that created it, planet Earth. Therein lies the secret, for those who want to know how to become superhuman, how to become more than a human, there was the secret; and for the most creative and intelligent, the answer is obvious. Planet Earth does not create physical bodies that are capable of these achievements, all beings here are limited by the sensations created within the environment of Earth.

You have to believe, not the body you, but the real you, the spirit, you have to detach from the world of illusion you perceive as reality and become part of the reality you can’t see with the human eye, the reality that controls this one. Then, when you are separated from the realities of this illusion, you will come back into contact with the realities you forgot when you formed a body here. Then, the powers of the universe will be understood, and you will realize you can’t move mountains, because you are no more than the dirt you came from, but your spirit, that is attached to the body, it can achieve whatever is imagined, within the realm of the natural order in the universe, not Earth.