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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bigfoot and fey

In many works of art and literature, fairies are seen as creatures with small iridescent wings. In some cases, fairies fly only with fairy magic. Tinkerbell, a popular Disney fairy has a small pouch of fairy dust that, when sprinkled on heads filled with happy thoughts, can make someone fly. Historically, fairies fly using basic fairy magic or the use of their wings. Girls everywhere dream of, one day, being able to fly like a glimmering fairy.

Fairy Glamour & Shielding: The Ability to Mask True Appearances and Hide from View

The fairy glamour is the ability to hide or mask their appearances or the appearances of others behind a veil of fairy magic. What looks like a haggard old lady may actually be a beautiful fairy hidden behind her glamour. Historically, fairies used their glamour in order to hide the true whereabouts of their Sidhe Mounds or Fairy mounds. What, to some, may look like nothing but a pile of fallen rocks, may actually be a spectacular palace bedecked in jewels and gold.

Fairy shielding is the fairy’s ability that allows it to hide from human view by vibrating its body at super high speeds. The vibrating makes it so that they aren’t in one place long enough to be seen. Unfortunately, if fairies don’t want to be seen, you won’t see them. There is a suspicion that some are born with the ability to see past fairy glamour and shielding. If only we were all so lucky!

Mind Control: The Fairies Ability to Mesmerize

The fairy Mesmer, or mind control ability, is widely believed to be used on humans to make them do fairy bidding. The fairy only needs to have eye contact in order to take over your mind with a simple turn of phrase or change in voice tone. The only way to fight the fairy Mesmer is to wear reflective eye gear or to not look them in the eye at all.
Presto Chango: The Fairies Ability to Shape Shift

Fairies can be as big as a bear, as small as an ant, as ugly as a troll or as beautiful as a princess…or they can actually be all of those things. Fairies have the ability to change their shapes, also called shape shifting. One minute you could be arguing with a diminutive woman and in the next moment you are staring down the face of a Siberian Tiger!
Fairies are amazing mythical creatures with truly awesome powers. No one really knows the limit of fairy magic or even if there is a limit at all.

All of this said do I think that Bigfoot is a fairy? Maaaybe...he was explained this way because he could come and go from our reality. And yes, he does possess all of these same skills that they fey have. I was just going thru some of my photos this morning and looking at them and thinking about how inky black they make the shadows when they are in there hiding. The shadows do not look like any of the other shadows around... you can always spot them and hey presto! there is always a bigfoot in there. Add to this the fact that they can be invisible and be right in front of you, camouflage themselves to look like trees or stumps...and well yes, I do think that long ago the BF were considered a type of fey. Now we know different. They are paradimensional beings. But hey, so are Fairies.

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