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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alien souls pt3

An advanced race of conscious beings are probably going to
be at many different places at a given time. They are probably
going to be from a different universe. The reason why we have
not heard anything about intelligent life elsewhere is because the
information is being suppressed. The institutions are that were created by them in the first place control how information is released and what information is withheld. This same thing could very well be going on in many different places in the universe, perhaps even on planets somewhere in this solar system or nearby star systems. There may even be an ongoing holocaust or extermination campaign of this universes original occupants. Not just a physical holocaust but
one of consciousness(souls).

Getting back to this UNIVERSE--I further postulate that in
addition to having a basic STRUCTURE this basic energy
substrate(of our universe--as well as the one for many others)
should have a basic operating frequency--its wavelength based
on its size. This frequency aspect is important because I believe that
a possibility exists that a dimensional spectrum may exist that is
based on frequency domains. I would ideally think of this
spectrum as being perpendicularly oriented to 3-dimensional space as we
CURRENTly know it. This offers the possibility of many universes
existing in the same 3-D spatial dimension but separated by an
ENERGY DIMENSION that runs perpendicular to it. These
different universes may be in the same 3 dimensions but their
ENERGY/FREQUENCY dimension or domain would be different,
just like in a STACKED deck of cards where the cards share 2
dimensions but are separated by a third dimension. These
different universes share a 3 dimensional space which is separated by this
additional ENERGY/FREQUENCY DOMAIN. Another way of
thinking about what I have just said is to think of 3-D cylinder
projecting infinitely in both directions. These two infinitely
projecting directions of the cylinder may be thought of as the ENERGY/FREQUENCY spectrum that I just theorized. Each universe exists in a frequency domain which can
be thought of as a thin slice(cross section) or a single plane in this
infinitely projecting cylinder. Each plane or cross section would represent a
3-d spatial universe that could be infinitely projecting at right
angles to this infinitely projecting frequency(of ENERGY) or
hyperspatial dimension. Second I want to point out that this energy/frequency
dimension may in itself be multidimensional. I also want to note
that there may be many more dimensions--spatial, as well as
energy(maybe space is actually composed of modules of energy) and that alternatively our 3
dimensional space may also be a finite space or a superdimension(3 spatial planes
fused together since there has never been any evidence to
indicate any dimensions less than three although there may be
alien dimensions that could have less)-- this dimension may be
nested within a larger dimension and this larger dimension may be
part of a still even greater spatial dimensions. A hierarchy could
exist consisting of a nested set of spatial dimensions within spatial
dimensions just as their may also be nested set of energy structures within
energy structures. Our 3d space could be represented as 3
spheres in a larger sphere and this larger sphere could be one of
3 spheres in a still larger sphere(and so on). There may be also
universes that are so alien to us that they may never be accessed because the structure of their
matter and energy and the phenomena that composes it are so fundamentally different.
There may be universes that are even so bizarre and exotic in relation to our own that the
fundamental material and structure that underlies their composition cannot even be defined as energy, at least not as we know it.

If there is frequency(hyperspatial) dimension
that exists orthogonal TO the 3Dspatial dimension(that is known) then perhaps a
technology of frequency shifting matter to a higher frequency
domain where you could traverse the same distance in space in
much LESS TIME--due to the possibility of less friction, a higher
energy state, and therefore greater speed in this higher domain could possibly be
developed. Maybe this has already been done.

An advanced race from another universe should be able able to
phase/frequency shift between dimensional spectrums to go from
one universe to the other. It is highly probable that this already
been done. Just because the general public's been told otherwise and
is force fed false ideas and theories such as religion and god and
from a handful of people at the(arbitary) social institutions that are holding the real humans
back does not mean it is so. They are merely trying to hold the human race at bay intellectual speaking through self-limiting ideas and so far have done an exceedingly excellent job at that.

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