We all are connected

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Light,Light beings, light orbs are all connected

Light: a wave vibration in space and time.

’And then there was Light’.. Light has many divine qualities: it is immortal, it cannot be destroyed it is invincible, light is miraculous it can be at many places at once.

Science stipulates that the light we see here in our universe is also impacting several other dimensions at the same time; this may be the reason why, in religious ceremonies, a candle is lit with a prayer, in essence, the prayer will travel with the light thru many dimensions and carry the message with it to the Creator.

Quantum mechanics science stipulates that light is a wave and space is a void.. the question is how can we see the light from stars if the wave cannot travel in a void?

Classical mechanics follows as the limit of quantum mechanics in a fine grained universe.
In our experience, ordinary light is coherent in air because the probability of a visible photon colliding with an air molecule over the distances involved is small.
On the other hand, In space, gamma ray photons appear to travel classical paths because they have high probability to scatter, and decohere, over the same distances.

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