We all are connected

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Something to think about

As I was taught, when we begin believing there are simple explanations for the happenings of the universe, we are in dangerous territory. Physics is not simple. The complex nature and enormity of the universe is not simple, the ecosystem is not simple and so forth. So when I hear a theologian or philosopher talk about how simple reality is, I know He’s not talking about anything God made. When you analyze God’s art, it is not simple, it is extremely complex. In fact, the more we know about our reality, the more we understand it’s infinite intricacy.

We like simple explanations of reality because we like control. We want to stuff the complexity of the world into our little minds because if we can hold it all in our minds, there is no mystery. But God did not give us control over the complexity of the cosmos. He gave us limited control over ourselves, and those whom it is appropriate we care for, children and so forth. We get to choose where we pee, for instance. And to some degree we get to choose where our children pee. What we don’t get to control is who goes to heaven and who doesn’t.

In my twenties, I thought I understood God. I read a book or two and then believed my limited knowledge of God was all-encompassing. I defended my understanding of God with passion and even anger. I’d associated my identity with my answers and defended them as though they were part of my redemption, part of the portfolio I’d eventually show God that might impress Him so He’d let me into heaven. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to believe I don’t know everything about God. And not only that, I’ve had to admit and confess my desire to know everything about God was really about control. God does not give us comprehensive knowledge about all things.

I’ve become very comfortable answering questions by saying “I don’t know the answer to that. God gives us limited information, but here is what He’s chosen to tell us….”

I’ve given this answer to very complicated and contentious questions about the afterlife, about whether people interact with God here on earth, about state sovereignty and too many other issues to talk about.

Do right theological answers matter to me? Absolutely. Do I believe there are right answers to hard theological questions? Of course I do. Do I believe God has given us the answers to all the tough questions? I absolutely do not. I think God has given us limited information, much like a father does His children, giving them more information as they need it for their stage of life. I’d consider earth a kind of infancy, to be honest. I don’t think we are given much.

The issue to me is, then, about trust. Do I trust God? Do I have faith in God? Do I love God?

I often meet people who trust their answers about God, but it doesn’t seem like they trust God. When they but up against the unknown complexities of life, they find security in their own answers. They love their own minds.

This is what I believe pure and simple.

A message from me to you!

It is NOT the end of the world. Instead of "the end of the world" we may speak of "the end of the age" and be referring to the end of "life as we know it" and the beginning of a new reality.

It is usually a crisis that brings an end to current reality and ushers in a new way of living / thinking / being. This crisis may take the form of the intervention of a deity in history, a war, a change in the environment or the reaching of a new level of consciousness. In understanding this simple truth we are able to leave the abnormal fear that is felt in us over this reality and strive to complete the cycle. With this purpose that has been given to us, we are able to usher in a new age. There are those among us who are the guides for this time. They have information that is used to impart knowledge for the purpose of our survival and salvation. Listen to them when you find them. For their purpose has been pre ordained and they must speak the truth about the reality ahead, even if you do not wish to hear it. It is their truth, the worlds truth...OUR truth.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ghosts,Spirits and other beings

Many traditions and religions around the world explain paranormal activity and how to deal with situations in which spirits manifest disturbing the order. In the past, dealing with such entities was common and in every village there was a person in charge of taking care of "the other side," whether to get spiritual help from the entities or to help spirits find peace. In every culture these people were found under the name of shamans, magicians, wizards and healers.In my tribe they are called Alik'chi. I am called upon to deal with the others. Sometimes they are friendly and other times they are not. I have dealt with them since the age of 3. People often ask me why I do what I do, and there is really only one answer for this question: If I did not then who would? Many times, spirits don't want to leave a place that once belonged to them, or people that that they once loved, so they stay around the area. This is why hauntings are usually associated to a place or a person, who a spirit may feel attached to for a number of reasons. It's also common to find spirits that stay near a specific person because they knew each other in past lives and the spirit wants to be close to a beloved person who is alive in the physical world.

If a person is vulnerable, sensible or has any psychic ability, this person can feel and sense the presence of a spirit in a place. Being attached to the physical world when one does not have a physical body can be overwhelming, even if the spirit means well.

I always offer this bit of advice to people: if you know you have a ghost or spirit around you, please be kind. They are just as lost or confused as you may be.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Why are certain individuals prone to see ufo's, while others arenot? Why do some have one vivid ufo sighting while others experiencerepeated encounters with extraterrestrial or interdimensionaloccupants over long periods of time? I've seen dozens and dozens ofufo's which I know do not match any conventional explanation. I havealso encountered at any hour of the day, anywhere, alone or withfriends a number of sentient beings.

I began to wonder why?

I'mwondering if my being able to sense a ufo is closely linked to it'sspectrum and my ability to sense that specific vibration. UFO's emitcertain para frequencies of color and sound, for instance to berecognised and analysed only by those tuned to perceive.

If whatI'm thinking is correct, another question is: what allows me to becapable of perceiving a frequency that others cannot? Was Iintentionally prepared , perhaps by the ufo occupants interference viagenetic manipulation or by simple evolution( I intuit that the functionof non - coding DNA may apply here) to register frequencies that mostof earth'a human population does not and for that reason I am able tosense them, see them and hear them before others?

we are Divine Spirits~

I believe that because everything is part of Divine Spirit, everything that exists also contains a fragment of Spirit. Like a fragment of a mirror is still a mirror in itself, so the fragments of Spirit are still Spirit. But we refer to them as the spirit of a plant or a stone or a place.

While most of these spirits are closely related to a material thing, some spirits have no material form at all. The most well-known of these are Gods and Goddesses. They are powerful fragments of Spirit who express the Life Force more purely than we ever could.

Each God or Goddess has his or her particular personality and energy. It is as if the glass of each of these windows has a different colour. So if we choose to work with a particular God or Goddess, or they choose us, we percieve the light of Spirit in one particular refraction. No God or Goddess known to humans can ever express all the truth of Life and Spirit.

It is the task of each of us to become clear and transparent as a window ourselves, so that we, too, can let the light shine through.

We are all interconnected

We are all One Spirit, we are all interconnected. These interconnections are like filaments in a spider's web. Everything is connected to everything else in an infinite Web of relationships.

We are all connected to and dependent on each other. There are obvious connections, like the one between me and the farmer who grew the wheat that became the bread that I eat. Or the one between me and the worm whose little tunnels air the soil of the field where that wheat grew.

But the relationships are also more subtle. I believe that our relationship with each other is also emotional and spiritual. I believe that there will be pain and emotional distress in the human community, as long as we don't acknowledge our intimate relationship with the Earth and begin to put right some of the damage we have done.

Yet on the other hand I also believe that we humans, individually, are powerless to correct that damage until we have healed from some of the damage that has been done to us. We have to heal our own pain inflicted on us by our culture or the circumstances of our lives in order to become clear, transparent enough to become a window and let the light through.

I believe that his healing can happen through a more conscious relationship with Spirit all around us and with the cycles of Naure. These cycles are made explicit on the Wheel of Life.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weakness and Steyemah

Sometimes I end up feeling hopeless with the Ste'ye'mah. After all I insist on attributing human feelings to them even though they do not necessarily have them. I guess it is the human part that is in all of us that makes me do it. Ki'ho'sa does have feelings of territory and loyalty..they do laugh which means they have some type of humor...even if I do not always understand it. Anger I know as well they have. Sadness yes...but then there is the alien side...having to look at an animals eyes as it dies...freaks me out. They play with the a cat with a mouse. I have watched them many times do the voice throwing to scare the animals and listened as they whoop with joy at it;s fright. Too strange for me. Gutting and pulling eyes out and leaving them wth sticks stuck in them is very cruel to me. Watching them break a leg on a deer to leave it for later as it suffers has caused me to have to run in fright because I have stabbed it to kill it( I do not use guns when with them). I will never get used to it I am afraid which makes me weak in their eyes and mine too.