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Friday, November 19, 2010


Why are certain individuals prone to see ufo's, while others arenot? Why do some have one vivid ufo sighting while others experiencerepeated encounters with extraterrestrial or interdimensionaloccupants over long periods of time? I've seen dozens and dozens ofufo's which I know do not match any conventional explanation. I havealso encountered at any hour of the day, anywhere, alone or withfriends a number of sentient beings.

I began to wonder why?

I'mwondering if my being able to sense a ufo is closely linked to it'sspectrum and my ability to sense that specific vibration. UFO's emitcertain para frequencies of color and sound, for instance to berecognised and analysed only by those tuned to perceive.

If whatI'm thinking is correct, another question is: what allows me to becapable of perceiving a frequency that others cannot? Was Iintentionally prepared , perhaps by the ufo occupants interference viagenetic manipulation or by simple evolution( I intuit that the functionof non - coding DNA may apply here) to register frequencies that mostof earth'a human population does not and for that reason I am able tosense them, see them and hear them before others?

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