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Friday, November 19, 2010

we are Divine Spirits~

I believe that because everything is part of Divine Spirit, everything that exists also contains a fragment of Spirit. Like a fragment of a mirror is still a mirror in itself, so the fragments of Spirit are still Spirit. But we refer to them as the spirit of a plant or a stone or a place.

While most of these spirits are closely related to a material thing, some spirits have no material form at all. The most well-known of these are Gods and Goddesses. They are powerful fragments of Spirit who express the Life Force more purely than we ever could.

Each God or Goddess has his or her particular personality and energy. It is as if the glass of each of these windows has a different colour. So if we choose to work with a particular God or Goddess, or they choose us, we percieve the light of Spirit in one particular refraction. No God or Goddess known to humans can ever express all the truth of Life and Spirit.

It is the task of each of us to become clear and transparent as a window ourselves, so that we, too, can let the light shine through.

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