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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Beginning

Where to begin? There is so much to tell and I do not know how to begin. I decided to write this blog as a way to help myself and others understand just what kind of trials UFO abductee's and contactee's go through. I know that this subject has been covered over and over, but sometimes I need to just tell my side of it without all of the funny sideways looks or snickers. SIGH....

My tribe has interacted with the Ant people for almost as long as we have history. We fought them and chased them underground and took over their lands above ground. After many, many centuries we made truce with them and became neighbors. We found that the Ants had much knowledge that they were willing to share with us when we finally became true friends. They taught us many skills and lessons about the land and it's animals, about medicine and healing, about learning and keeping our history. Ant people have the gift of being able to tell us the future and what will happen. In this way they were able to help our people overcome certain hardships and problems. They offer us guidance and help with marriages and births when needed. They even arrange for special children and events to occur.

The tribe had been without an Alik'chi for over 30+ yrs. Some of our members were sick and needing help, but there was no medicine healer to help them. My great grandmother and grandmother called the Ants down and asked for guidance. After listening to the complaints, they told them that they would be sending a woman from across the sea, who did not speak their language,nor any language of this land (America) in 3 months time who would need to be accepted into the tribe and allowed to marry my father (my grandmothers son). By doing this a new Alik'chi would be conceived and the tribe would be able to heal again.

The year was 1944. My mother lived in Germany, and her family had taken serious hits to it's
holdings. Her family decided that it was best for her to come stay with family that had emigrated to the US in Florida. They packed her up and smuggled her out with a family friend. And thus she came to the US. She spoke not one word of English.
Upon arriving here, the relatives she had been sent to stay with were scheduled to make a family trip to the state of Louisiana for a vacation. This is where she met my father.
She was in absolute awe of my fathers red skin and hair. She spent every moment of the vacation from the 3rd day on with my father. Even though they did not speak a language of commonality, they were able to understand each other perfectly. Her relatives were there for 2 weeks, and my mother decided to stay with my father's tribe instead of returning with them. It was very shocking and unheard of, but the tribe welcomed her totally. They were all able to understand her wants and needs just fine and she them. After knowing my father for only 6 weeks they were married.
The tribe realized before the marriage that there was something wrong with my mother, but they did not know what it was. She was a blue baby, a defective valve in her heart (can now be fixed upon birth, but could not be repaired back then). She grew tired easily and would rest much, but still she fit into her position in the tribe. She taught and learned lessons.
After 10 yrs. of marriage I was born. I was a twin (the other died shortly upon birth). This was the beginning of the end for my mother. She was bedridden for over 3 yrs. after my birth and died shortly before my 4th birthday. I missed her horribly and could not understand where she had gone to. She was the teacher. Every day I learned something new from her. I was able to read and write French, German, Choctaw and English by age 3. I was taught to weave and knit and other more esoteric skills from her and my grandmothers.