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Friday, December 3, 2010

Ghosts,Spirits and other beings

Many traditions and religions around the world explain paranormal activity and how to deal with situations in which spirits manifest disturbing the order. In the past, dealing with such entities was common and in every village there was a person in charge of taking care of "the other side," whether to get spiritual help from the entities or to help spirits find peace. In every culture these people were found under the name of shamans, magicians, wizards and healers.In my tribe they are called Alik'chi. I am called upon to deal with the others. Sometimes they are friendly and other times they are not. I have dealt with them since the age of 3. People often ask me why I do what I do, and there is really only one answer for this question: If I did not then who would? Many times, spirits don't want to leave a place that once belonged to them, or people that that they once loved, so they stay around the area. This is why hauntings are usually associated to a place or a person, who a spirit may feel attached to for a number of reasons. It's also common to find spirits that stay near a specific person because they knew each other in past lives and the spirit wants to be close to a beloved person who is alive in the physical world.

If a person is vulnerable, sensible or has any psychic ability, this person can feel and sense the presence of a spirit in a place. Being attached to the physical world when one does not have a physical body can be overwhelming, even if the spirit means well.

I always offer this bit of advice to people: if you know you have a ghost or spirit around you, please be kind. They are just as lost or confused as you may be.

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  1. Hi Khat, Judi here. Speaking of ghosts, I have been dealing with one for over a year. She is a friend of mine who passed on about 12 years ago. She came through one of my cats. I knew something was different in the house and that it was a ghost.
    But that is as far as my sensitivity goes. I had a medium friend come over and she got to the bottom of it within an hour.
    This has led to a trip back to Napa and meeting with her son who is grieving her so much. It is also about her art. She want her son to sell it.

    I journalled this whole thing and am now illustrating it for a book that I will publish just for the people directly involved.

    I love reading about fairies and wee folk as I am getting them in my garden. It is good to connect with you again. Stay well and happy, Judi