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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A message from me to you!

It is NOT the end of the world. Instead of "the end of the world" we may speak of "the end of the age" and be referring to the end of "life as we know it" and the beginning of a new reality.

It is usually a crisis that brings an end to current reality and ushers in a new way of living / thinking / being. This crisis may take the form of the intervention of a deity in history, a war, a change in the environment or the reaching of a new level of consciousness. In understanding this simple truth we are able to leave the abnormal fear that is felt in us over this reality and strive to complete the cycle. With this purpose that has been given to us, we are able to usher in a new age. There are those among us who are the guides for this time. They have information that is used to impart knowledge for the purpose of our survival and salvation. Listen to them when you find them. For their purpose has been pre ordained and they must speak the truth about the reality ahead, even if you do not wish to hear it. It is their truth, the worlds truth...OUR truth.

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