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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alien souls pt 2

All human appearing beings on earth and elsewhere are not necessarily of the same origin if
even if they do both possess human bodies with the same core biological functions and processes. If there is an underlying consciousness it is not necessarily the same type of consciousness(soul) in all human appearing beings. There is a real possibility that an
alien form of consciousness can exist in human bodies alongside
other *normal humans* without them realizing it. This is what a
practical alien race would do if they were to come to a different universe for some sort of dimensional conquest. In fact any advanced alien intelligence will realize that if they are going to infiltrate a universe outside their own with beings already occupying it they are going to have to assume the dominant form. In other words appear human. They would not even attempt anything as propesterous as coming as themselves and hiding in underground bases as has been alleged by many disinformation agents that are operating websites on the internet about grey aliens that look so much different than humans. They would assume a human form through manipulation of the physics that allows certain types of souls or conscious entities to occupy a human type body and mesh with other human groups in order to evade detection. There may be many different types of human species throughout our universe with possibly different types of consciousness or souls. Diiferent types of human beings with different soul structures and an alien consciousness that originally came from a different universe may have come to earth sometime in the past from a different part of our universe. An advanced alien race from another universe could infiltrate one very small portion of the universe and overwhelm it's inhabitants and use their biological materials to create a hybrid or new race that carries the alien consciousness and allows the alien souls to exist in the universe they are invading in larger and larger numbers. This new race would look like a human if this was the form that they manipulated at the onset of ntheir entry into this universe. They would then have a cover to go out and infiltrate the remainder of the universe in question. If the human form has always the dominant form of intelligence for this universe then an initial conquest and containment of a small isolated part of the universe would give them the materials and resources needed to further infiltraate the rest of the universe. By creating a race of counterfiet humans that could be used to cloak their real identities they could then set out to continue their conquest and destruction of the universes original inhabitants. As I will state in some the following paragraphs use of advanced technology could be used to limit the consciousness of the group of beings they are infiltrating as long as they possess suuficient knowledfe of the physics involved in their consciousness and how technology could alter consciousness without detection. Also it should be recognized that the human body may merely be a suit that can be worn by diiferent conscious beings who can understand and manipulate the physics involved. There is no way that anyone would be able to know whether we are all the same unless they have awareness of their own consciousness(soul). Some people on earth who could be alien souls might have awareness of their own spiritual consciousness while others who may not have awareness and full function of their consciousness may not due to supression via advanced technology. This suprression of consciousness could be acheived possibly by an anomalous electromagnetic signal that is produced by this
alien races(alien souls). This anomolous electromagnetic activity could inhibit awareness
simply by causing a polarization effect on the electromagnetic activity in the
frequency spectrum by which the consciousness of the other race
operates on. It would be undetectable by that race and the alien
race would not be affected because their consciousness would in
all likelyhood be based on other physics and other frequency spectrum
or range. Also an alien race who is aware of their soul-consciousness will probably be mentally much more sophisticated and will probably function as one interconnected mind(via some type of radio link but maybe at diiferent frequencies that the ones used in telecommunications) between many different individual alien entities.

Now it is possible also that an alien race did come to the earth in the past and created a hybrid that looks nearly human but has the capacity for an alien soul to dwell within it. This counterfeit type human although similar appearing may be much more advanced than normal and humans. It is possible ironically that this psuedo human(alien soul) could be somehow reptilian in nature and there may even be subtle differences between this entities and other humans that could be evident through facial patterns, vague undertones and features, bone structure, although it would be very hard for a normal human being who does not even have access to his/her full consciousness to accurately discern. Some counterfeit human beings may have more prominences than others and some real human beings may have characteristics that might suggest something anomalous when it is not the case. There may also just be many different types of humans beings or biological species that are here and for different reasons. Maybe no life on earth know was originally from here???

There are probably different types of intelligence's,
hence beings with different consciousness right here on earth
manipulating the rest of the population in any numbers of ways
through undetectable means. Therefore it appears that they are
not here and everything is calm and serene but they are they just and we are in a sense in an alien reality and the rest of the unassuming population cannot perceive this horrendous deception . Anyone asking these questions needs to realize that an alien race who is doing these things(posing as humans through super advanced technology) is not going to admit it, obviously. They will try to do everything they can to confuse and befuddle
those that they are deceiving. Things like issuing forth all kinds of
contradicting theories and ideas. False theories such as those in
religion. The use of social institutions such as politics, religion,
and even mainstream academia.

For those who do not think that an adversarial alien race is here
doing some of these things look at the present condition of the
earth. Mankind supposedly is torn in conflict which is explained away by
illogical concepts disseminated from arbitrary social institutions. If
the social institutions or more correctly anti-social(anti-human)
institutions alone(and their arbitrary power) were done away with
the real human souls on this earth would benefit IMMENSELY. It
would also be nice if the earth could be returned to the people.
There is enough land and resources for everyone including the
counterfeit humans but they only want to oppress the earth as a
whole. The earth should freely belong to all of it's inhabitants. If we all had the kind of access that is right for us to have there would not be any of the desparaging situations or conditions that exist today on this earth. It should not be held away from the people whom it belongs to.
Unfortunately because the vast majority of real humans(souls)
have been duped into passivity with phony political, social,
religious, and educational agendas by their alien(conterfeit
human) counterparts that look amazingly like them the earth is
really a spiritual concentration camp. This scenario as
unbelievable as you think it may sound is more believable than
any of the prevailing religions. Even more important if you give it
some time and serious consideration what I am saying is a
possibility if not a very high probability. It may even be possible that the
history books that are being force fed to school children each and
every year is full of events that never happened. Something
entirely different may have been going on at these times.

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