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Friday, February 19, 2010

Free Will

I have often heard it said that angels do not have free will, but instead only do what our Creator tells them to do. This is a slight misunderstanding. The truth is, they do have free will, but their intentions and awareness are so closely in line with that of our Creators that they do what might be called God's Will, not because they don't have any other choice, but because they see that choice as the only one they want to make. This is fine but important distinction. Without free will, how could there have been rebellion in heaven?

As I have said many times , there are other dimensions that contain spirits. There is one entire set of planes and levels of existence that contains spirits who are, for the most part, done with physical incarnations but who are working with humans and angels to help further create a glorious and loving reality. This set of spirits is where we get most entities who are channeled, in our modern world (there are many more), as well as those spirits who in ancient times spoke to those we now call prophets.

This is also the plane on which Jesus now resides.

This plane is essentially parallel to that of the angels, and there is interaction between them. In addition, there is a similar plane for the spirits who exist in the fairy realm, and there is interaction between those on that plane and those on this plane and on the angelic plane.
The spirits on this plane have individual goals and interests, and so the people on earth with whom they speak are those who share similar interests and goals.

All realms, including the realms of humans and angels, have been created by and are continuously sustained and recreated by Love. Knowing that you have guardian angels and guiding spirits can help alleviate a lot of fears you might have.

Also, remember that we all have free will. This means that no being, not even our Creator, can interfere with the choices you make, no matter how painfully hard those choices make our lives. If you want help, you must ask for it.
Humble yourself before Heavenly Father and ask as you will. Expect what you have asked for to become reality. Heavenly Father,The Creator of All gave you the gift of Free Will, there is no other gift greater than this. Use it. wield it and unto you shall be given the gifts that you seek.

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