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Friday, February 19, 2010

You Are Existence

Existence is an ‘always present’ conscious energy which vibrates in and out of vibrational complexity. During the expansive stage of this
vibration your consciousness is divided into multiple perspectives which develop into multiple viewpoints and temporary ‘objective’ beings.

Each being thinks they are a separate being due to their temporary division from their subjective consciousness or awareness as the whole but it’s all you.

It is possible for you to have an out of body and collective experience and remember who you are (the whole…the One)

Although our current universal impulse is to expand and be and have MORE, there is the beginning of an undercurrent to reunify spiritually or energetically as one again which will eventually cause us to seek complete reunification and dissolve the current complex vibrational divisions.

Our existence is cyclical.

The Eternal Cycle.

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