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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Angelic Reincarnation

I am asked quite frequently if Angels decide to reincarnate.The answer is YES! But not in the same way as most humans. They must pass through the "initiation of "Veil of Amnesia", meaning, that reincarnated Angel will be born veiled, as all other humans.
The veil is thinner, and the reincarnated Angel will always feel a sense of not really belonging here on Earth, and long for HOME, for Higher Realms.
Most reincarnated Angels carry within them some deep inner sadness, which is that longing for home.
The Angels that have come to earth are becoming Light Workers, eventually they remember what they came here to do. They do not remember it totally conscious , but the soul longing is so strong, that they cannot escape from this longing.During this time their vibrational rate is fluctuating and becomes set in the original pattern of Angelic being, and hence an Angel is awakened and remembrance of their past life is revealed to them. Thus their errand is turned into a mission for them. They must act accordingly and do the work they were sent to earth to perform.
Can you recognize the Incarnated Angel? If you are sensitive, and open to your own feelings and emotions, you probably will recognize reincarnated Angel.
Have a look deep into the eyes, and if you see deep pools of Love with a tint of deep inner sadness, most probably you are meeting with reincarnated Angel.
If you feel, that you become serene and still next to the person, and you feel eternally safe and loved, even though you might even not know the person, most probably, you are meeting reincarnated Angel.
Sometimes, the Earthly Life can be tough for a reincarnated Angel, because they are also veiled, but on the other hand, they remember Home, they remember the Truth. And it might be a tricky thing for reincarnated Angels to adjust on Earth and be functional. But even in human bodies, reincarnated Angels come to serve people and be messengers of God. Just the task gets quite difficult for them, because they have to deal with amnesia and with the human body. It is also a great gift for reincarnated Angels to experience the human body, to experience gravity, breath, smell, touch, all the human senses.
It is said, that 5% of the human population right now are reincarnated Angels.
If this is true then the time is fast approaching for the veil to be lifted from humanities eyes and reveal the true form of the earth and it's OTHER inhabitants.

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  1. The Petition

    Oh Father, many of my friends have gone to Earth to serve,
    And yet I must remain at home, you say.
    What will I learn by tending to the flowers and the trees?
    You know, adventure bids me fly away!

    There is a mighty drama now enfolding on the Earth.
    The Children of the One will soon awake.
    They soon will be united, and they soon will understand
    The ways of love - their world they will remake!

    Before they enter into their new world of truth and love,
    There is a valley each will have to cross.
    This is a sacred journey into each one's darkened self,
    A land of lies, of doubts, and fears, and loss.

    Oh Father! You and Mother have taught me many things -
    Please let me go and teach them of The Dove.
    I now am very ready, let me go to earth to serve,
    To walk among them, and give them my love.

    Oh Father! You can see from here, that many on the Earth
    Have chosen to embrace the Path of Heart.
    They are brave and they are willing to confront what ere they find
    As warriors in the journey through the dark.

    Some, well into their journey, I will meet them on the way
    I will be there when surrender must occur.
    When they see what is unreal in their hearts and in their minds,
    I will give them love, and courage to endure.

    You will see - in time - that some of these will come and give you thanks
    For sending me to help them on the way -
    When all of their confusion is a long-forgotten dream.
    So how about it? Let me go today!