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Friday, February 12, 2010

Bigfoot and Ley lines

Take into consideration the Earth’s magnetic forces; from its global electromagnetic fields to the Ley lines that run through the Earth like veins through our body. It is a fact that when tectonic plates shift, they emit a high concentration of electromagnetic fields towards the surface of the earth. It is also a fact that there are weaker, yet constant electromagnetic fields in constant flow throughout the earth.
electromagnetic fields are constant and strong

Our bodies also produce an electromagnetic field, and so does our earth. These are natural fields that work with the life force.Humans have a "magnetic gland," the pineal gland which is in our heads. It is a remnant of the mystical "third eye" that humans are said to have once had. I believe that the pineal senses and works with the earth's electromagnetic field and gives us our cyclical biorythms. We are "Electric" and so is the Earth. Can that be coincidental?I do not believe so. Now, onto Bigfoot and how the ley lines or " magnetic field" may affect him.

How do these fields affect the Bigfoot? Well, I am not 100% on this, but my theory is this:
They use the fields to find portals which allows them to return to their home place which exists alongside of our world. Did you get that? Alongside of our world. They actively look for these lines, I have watched them place their heads to the ground for hours after walking and trying the same head to the ground testing. When they find a strong one they place their head to the line and just stay there, on their knees. Sometimes for hours. When they are done, they will get up and walk away as if nothing happened. But, in reality something Did happen: Because after finding the ley, they bring back the rest of their group. I do not see any type of rested or extra zip in them, just a peace and calm. They do become very aware though of everything in the area when they find the ley. And I do know that they will set up an "X" to mark where the ley is. When questioned about why they do this I was told "way home". Now, I do not know if they are using they magnetism to open doorways to their world, but this IS what I think. I do not want to say a definite YES to this, as I may be way off, but I do know for a fact that once they become attuned with the ley they have found, they shift into invisible camo mode more often, so I have come to believe that they use this magnetic power for their own devices.

I know that when I sense a powerful ley line, it has definite affects on me. I become dizzy and disoriented. Kind of like when you were a child and spun around to the count of 20. That is exactly how I feel when I encounter them. And I would also like to say for the record that when I have put my own forehead down to the ground as they do on the ley I hear a distinct humming/thrumming/pulsing sound. I cannot explain it, but it does go all the way through my body into my bones. So, I have begun to believe that the BF have harnessed this power in some abstract way and are using it either to teleport to their realm or to open a doorway somehow to their realm. I know for a fact that they do use it for their camouflage tactic of invisiblity. I am only speaking from experience and it is only my opinion.

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  1. Hey Khat it's me Debra Rincon Lopez from Oregon. I have some of these thing's have alway's happened to me also. I have alway's been close to animals and had some type's of Phsychic ablilities and could be around ghost's and was not afraid of them. My grandmother talked to me about them and told me never to be afraid of them ever. I love your blog postings and I am now a follower OK.