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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soul Helper

Our souls have infinite depths, waiting to be uplifted and manifested at the surface of this reality.

We were all born with our own specific energy when we came into our physical body. We are not to allow others to take our energy nor give it away. Our original life energy should reside with us within our body for our own personal use. We can share it with others but we are to keep it for our use alone. I touched on this in Spiritual Overflow.

I am a Spirit Helper who helpes lost souls find their way home. Some people call this spirit release, or soul extraction. A shamanic soul extraction removes an energy that does not belong to you and that’s inconsistent with your original life energy.

At times when people die, their spirit does not wish to go on to the Other Side due to confusion, addictions or fear. They are lost and afraid. They look around for a host body to go into. They remain trapped in the host’s body until a Spirit Guide is found to direct the misplaced sprit to go on to the Other Side. Trapped spirit issues usually are about needing to forgive someone or themselves or fear about being judged by God in their transformation process. I communicate with the lost soul to see what help it needs before going over to the Other Side. I can help it resolve its own issues before it is released to continue its journey. If it is not a lost soul but just negative energy, I can bless it and bring it to the light and send it off into the Universe to be neutralized and recycled.

As a SoulEater, I work with the stuck energy of these entities and help them to understand their reasons for sticking around. There may be an outdated contract you and this soul made at an earlier time for the benefit of both of you that is no longer helpful to either of you. Now you no longer need its assistance and you need your body to carry only your original life energy to be available for your use.

There are a few indications that you may need a Soul Extraction:
1) You feel under the influence of someone or something else that directs your feelings and behavior.
2)You called out for spiritual help as a child during a difficult time and some energy came to you.You sense that you are not alone in your body.
3) At times you experience emotions that do not seem to be your own.
4)You hear voices in your head that came after an accident, coma or trauma.
5) You’re caught in some addictive behavior that does not fit with your background or interests.

Helping other souls move on is considered holy work
by my people. I am also known as a Soul Gatherer. This is what the Elders in the tribe call me. So, it is not unusual to find several lost souls around me or my home at any time. Come to think of it, I don't have any friends who are NOT used to the ghosts and spirits that live along side my daughters and I. We are so used to the interaction that when an outsider comes into the picture and has to deal with these beings, their reaction of shock or fear is very puzzling to us.
That being said, as a Spirit Helper I have found over the years that once a person is clean of their unwanted guests they are lighter in spirit and soul. Laughter comes easier and so does trust. People who are cleansed of the burden of the ghosts they carry are a completely different person when my work is done.

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