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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Angelic work

Angels perform the perfect work of the world. Souls in their complete Angelhood are not at once transported to far-off regions of bliss, remote from the Earth and its Spiritual states; when they have become Angels or attained Angelhood, they thus begin their real work.

True happiness in the re-united Soul, long ages severed by the conditions of Time and Sense, consists not only in the perfect Oneness that has been regained by "Overcoming" those conditions, but must also be the result of such helpfulness and ministration to others as belongs to the degree of Angelhood thus attained: ministering to others; to Spirits either embodied in earthly forms or existing in some of the spirit states that immediately follow the earthly embodiments.

As older children of a human household share in the care of the younger and more helpless ones, so these Children of the parental Angel of a Soul-household (group) become in turn the aids and helpers of those still struggling through earthly states.

This assistance is given by ministrations as guardian Angels (under the Guidance of the Parent Angel), for always upon the Earth are those who can receive impressions from such Angels: Inventors, Discoverers, Announcers of Truths pertaining to the material and spiritual well-being of Earth's inhabitants.

Not only are such inspirations given to geniuses, those who have reached the culminating state in any given line of investigation or accomplishment, but for the better illustration of Truth, Fundamental Truth in any branch of Human inquiry or need. Angels are appointed to appear on Earth in human form, to wear the garb of mortality; not this time for experience and conquest, but to illustrate the victory they have won, to give the real answer to the vexed problems of life. Since none but the perfect Soul (having vanquished all the obstacles and solved all the problems of earth-life) can illustrate perfectly such solution.

Angels thus embodied bear no distinctive mark, do not come "labeled" as Angels, and though the higher Angels would know and place them, mortals still in their imperfect state could not discern the Angel, even though in their midst, or in the same household.

It must not be supposed, as previously stated, that those lives expressing Culminating lines: Geniuses, Inventors, Discoverers, - lines of any of the Arts, Mechanics, or other Culminations - are Angels. Those who struggle through many, many successive embodiments to reach a given height, become at last the Geniuses of their art or pursuit, whatever it may be; but these are only culminating in one line of victory, and must take up each separate line of human endeavor.

Angels are already equipped, mentally and spiritually, for the work they come to do, which, of course, they must accomplish with earthly things. With them is no need of "experiment," "practice," or other preparation. And while their human parentage and environment may be obscure, conveying no hint of the purpose for which such a life (Angel) is bom, still the personality of the Angel very soon demonstrates superiority to the usual conditions and limitations with which human beings are surrounded.

Since human existence on this and all the planets is so wisely governed by the Infinite Law - fashioned in Wisdom and Love - the Angel must become embodied in either the masculine or feminine form - or, for especial work and illustration, both forms may appear at the same time to express the One Angel.

Contemporaneous lives, and even the imperfect and partial records called history, may not perceive or mention, much less understand, the object or mission of the lives of these Angels. Persecution, calumny, scorn, even the infliction of physical torture and death, have no terrors for the Embodied Angels. Oft-times ages must pass before the world begins to realize the work outwrought by some angelic life on earth. Not always is the work or purpose of the life definitely announced, but is fulfilled in the life itself, in the nature of it, in its accomplishment.

It is not too great an assertion to declare that the really perfect work going on among all the nations of the world: the work in cities, towns, communities; with governments, legislative assemblies, rulers; in agriculture, in science, philosophy, discovery, invention; in art, literature, mechanics; the real work, the perfect work, is performed by embodied Angels.

Mathematics alone, - thus far in human history the only perfect Science, - illustrates this: that the perfect, fundamental Truths (Principles) are announced by those who know. It is true that human beings in ordinary states, fragments of the divided Soul, may partially see and note the perfect principles, and apply to uses of life the primal truths of the universe as illustrated by those who know, who, through having conquered every obstacle and weakness of earth, have come into the Divine possession of the perfect state of knowledge, and that the Angels so demonstrating these Fundamental Principles may guide, aid, and show the way to those still in the imperfect conditions of earth (or planetary) life. These are some of the palpable reasons revealed in the Divine Government of Souls, for Angels to walk the earth as human beings.

Such embodied messengers are referred to in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible of the Jews and Christians, and in the Vedas, Avesta and other Zends, Shastras and various Sacred books of the Orient; while Grecian, Roman, Egyptian and Scandinavian Mythologies are filled with the accounts of the tutelar "gods" (Angels) who become mortals for some especial work or purpose in connection with the will or wish of "Jove" (or the Most High). In fact, Olympus itself was not so far removed from earthly states as to be wholly exempt from human ills and temptations. It seemed a sort of meeting place between the earth and heaven, a commingling of heavenly and earthly attributes, and Parnassus was a dwelling place for those divinities, the Muses, that aided and bore part in the graces of human life and art, and sang the songs of the Sides, revealing thus the perfect attributes of beauty.

It is also clearly evident that many of the "messengers" ("men") referred to in the Hebraic records, were Angels clothed with human forms for purposes of especial ministration. "Entertaining an Angel unawares" is not, therefore, a mere form of poetic speech, but often a reality.

The Pathway of Embodied Angels. This shining way is not revealed by distinctive announcement or demarkation; but after years and generations have passed, and perhaps new nations have sprung into existence, the Trail of Light is distinctly traced by those who follow, and who are seeking to emulate the works of the "Shining Ones," the "Great Ones."

The Ideals they have made Real, the master works they have accomplished, the encouragements left for those who still must journey the toilsome but ever eagerly sought way, to reach the heights - and the knowledge that one day they will achieve; their time of attainment will surely come.

Colossal monuments and Temples, all useless implements and outgrown structures, will pass or so change as to be no longer recognized as useful or valuable. Works of art - even those disentombed that have been buried for ages and restored to the gaze and admiration of the world! - will in the lapse of time perish - be allowed to crumble to dust.

But for recurrent periods of human existence, - to those requiring similar expressions - similar results, similar illustrations, from the embodied Angels, for the new period - those Angels will appear.

Such illustrations and periods are cyclic, and demonstrate that souls reaching certain or particular states of unfoldment in expression, have as they require similar Teachers, - Exemplars; and that the primal Truths are the same - whether taught in the first or latest Dispensation or cycle, while, probably, not a new Truth - except in the form or manner of its expression - is given to the world except in the Dispensations (Messianic).

Yet again and again are those Truths enunciated, those Principles illustrated, - as needed by the embodied Souls traveling along the pathway of endeavor in those directions.

Shining heights of Religion, Philosophy, Art, Science, reveal the way these Bright Ones have trod; while along the valleys and toilsome steeps toward the heights, toil and struggle the aspiring ones, oft-times the weary ones - seeking for the "perfect way" to reach the height of Holy Glory.

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  1. Your other sites are fun, but what you are posting on this blog I just relate to a lot, Khat. This post on angel work reminds me of one of the first messages I sent to you back in fall of 2008. (This was before a lot of stuff I have said since then, that I wish I never wrote).

    Hi Khat,
    I do not want to embarrass you with compliments, or flatter you, or endanger your humility by puffing up your ego. But I would like to explain a bit about what I mean when I compliment you.

    Outer beauty can be mirroring an inner beauty of the etheric body. There are lots of superficial beauties around, women trying to copy angelic beauty which carries an energy that they can never copy. Movie stars are often embodied angels, so they have that 'star' energy.

    When a beautiful person appears, all eyes are on her. But what are people looking for? I suppose that depends on the viewer's consciousness. When I perceive that a soul of light is within, then I really take notice! I may ask myself, "Is this some old friend from my own band of angels?'

    I have met whole groups of people who I knew instantly were members of my tribe, friends with whom I had shared a mission in past lives. These are really joyful reunions, because we had bonded so closely in the past. Now we meet again after thousands of years and many lonely embodiments of separation. We meet, and it stirs the feelings of a noble past that was forgotten. Feelings that need to be remembered now, before a rising tide of banality just swamps everything.

    Many of us served the Light together during golden ages of the past. At a soul level, this was like yesterday. After the disasters was a long, lonely period where we were scattered and forgetful of who we were. Occasionally great leaders would rally us: Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Arthur, and many others. We loved them so much because they reminded us of who we were: "Know ye not that ye are Gods?"

    We need to remind each other of who we are. We came from realms of light that our soul remembers, but the human mind can't comprehend because it is a lesser creation - actually a corruption of the higher mind. The Path will get us home, if we remember it, take heart, love and support each other. - Rex