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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Aliens Do NOT have a soul!

The simple and hardcore truth about Grey Aliens. They are NOT our friends. They are NOT here to help us, they LIE continually, If you don't believe me do some research into the messages they have given people (abductees) over and over and over....
The things they tell the poor misguided believers has proven over and over again to NEVER be truthful nor do any of their prophesies ever come true.
The ''greys'' are used for evil and are an evil creation. The ''greys'' are emotionless. They are virtually a hard-drive with a skin wrapped around them. They are an unnatural form of life that does not occur naturally anywhere in the Universe. Though I don't discount the obvious, that there is sentient life out there and we may find it a few thousand years from now.
The ''aliens'' we hear about are genetic concoctions of Earth DNA. They were made here on Earth eons ago and continue to be made on this Earth to this very day. They are not from outer-space. They are creations of this Earth. These creatures ''body-jump'' when their bodies near expiration. They never go to Heaven in between lives because they are soulless. They were created by a an Earth Intelligence that was created by a Supreme Being. Only the original Creator can give souls.

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