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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hessdalen and the Light Spiral

Let us consider the Earth itself for a moment. We live upon the planetary skin libe microbes on a wrecking ball. We know more about the surface of Mars and Venus than we do about the bottom of our own deep ocean trenches, or about the true nature of the Earth's crust, which is like the skin on an orange. The thin layer that we call the surface world is really a very limited domain. The crust of Earth goes down around 43 miles in thickness. The Mohorovicic is an anomalous region of lesser density that upon seismic examination seems to be composed of hills and valleys, peaks and other words it is a vast world wide cavern system probably varying in internal condition depending on it's nearness to a magma pocket. It is absolutely honeycombed with concavities,cracks,fissures and underground rivers and of course caves and caverns. For instance, Mammoth Cave is a limestone cavern system and is so huge that only 150 miles of it have been explored...the full extent of how far it extends is unknown to us. The biggest cave explored so far is Lechuguilla, a blowing cave of tremendous size. Expeditions go into it for days and weeks, yet it seems to never end. Like many cavern systems it has a strong wind which blows with great force from it's entrance ...What is the source of this wind and why is it continuous? Blowing cave in AR is another example of this as are many others. This seemingly uninterrupted flow of tremendous volumes of air would indicate an ultimate source of both great pressure and great volume. Do these cavern systems reach down eventually to the Moho layer itself, where tremendous pressure still exists?

Do you realize that every single group of people on this Earth have some legend of an underworld populated by others? I want to tell you a story: The Toronto Sun, Canada Sunday Sun reported a meeting of one of these denizens of the deep in March 25 1979 issue. A man called Ernest had lost his cat into a cavern close to his home beneath the streets near his Parliament St. apartment, through an entrance covered by an ancient broken slab of concrete, he slid through and was in and entirely different realm: " It was pitch black in there...I saw it with my flashlight. The eyes were orange and red, slanted like a monkey...three feet long, large teeth,weighing maybe thirty pounds with slate grey fur. I'll never forget it Ernest tells. It said GO AWAY, GO AWAY in a hissing voice. Then it took off down the long tunnel to the side and I got out of there as fast as I could go!" When the reporter went with Ernest to see the tunnel the concrete slab had been crushed resulting in an effective way to keep topsiders out. Ernest believed the tunnel ran further downward . As often happens in the case of the haunts of trolls, imps and fairiesthe entrance was effectively sealed after it was discovered by a human, this happens more often than people in the cities and suburbs realize....

Have I got you thinking yet?

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