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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Whose Agenda is It?

Though Christianity has dismissed its own tradition which tells of subterranean demons and devils . Who else are the Grays, Chupacabras, and the other horrific-looking beings ? As long as we think of them as originating from distant star galaxies, we don't associate them with the demons told of by various scriptures, i.e., the Bible, the Koran and the Vedic literature. The Christian tradition does not describe demons riding high technology vehicles such as UFOs, but it can borrow from other traditions that do, such as the Hindu Puranas, which tell of the amazing craft of the demon Salva. The UFO occupants are not affable space brothers but, rather, the demons which all good literature and traditions warn against.

Sometimes it is hard for the mainstream individual to accept the idea of a worldwide conspiracy such as the New World Order is depicted to be. But if the surface world were under such sophisticated manipulation of the likes that only telepathic beings flying out of the inner world in flying saucers could mount, this would lend justification to the claim of a conspiracy by a mysterious, hidden elite. It would then be implicit that the international banking and business elite are not the ultimate cause, that there is a more remote cause behind them.

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