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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Some Simple Truth Laid Out Simply~

Modern physicists do not have a single picture of "the way the world really is;" instead there are eight ideas of "quantum reality." These eight views of reality are quite different; yet all are considered by leading scientists to be valid, or a least successful in terms of explaining experiments.

Worldviews of Prominent Physicists and Philosophers

* There is no deep reality.
* Reality is created by observation.
* Reality is an undivided wholeness.
* Reality consists of a steadily increasing number of parallel universes.
* The world obeys a non-human kind of reasoning.
* The world is made of ordinary objects.
* Consciousness creates reality.
* The world is twofold, consisting of potentials and actualities

Scientists will admit that quantum theories do not correspond to "common sense"---meaning, the law of cause and effect. The principal features of quantum theory contradict "cause and effect" relationships by assuming that random, spontaneous events can and do occur within a quantified limit (specified by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle).

The majority of leading modern physicists seriously believe the first view; "There is no deep reality" and claim that there is no objective reality. For them, "physics is not physical, but metaphysical."

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