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Saturday, June 12, 2010


What exactly is Anima Mundi? " It is the soul of the world, a pure ethereal spirit that some ancient philosophers said was diffused throughout all nature." By this I mean it is an actual sentient, intelligent being. The earth is alive. She was created as were all of the planets and universes etc. by a Celestial Intelligence, to be a self sustaining organism in her own right. She was given the ability to create life and it's own energy to design new forms for it to inhabit.
"In the case of the anima mundi, we may be dealing with one of the oldest experiences of mankind, the spontaneous sense of dread and wonder primitive humans once felt in the presence of the Earth’s majestic power. If the Earth is a self-adjusting organism, its adaptive power may be that of a metabolic system: efficient, impersonal, crushingly powerful. That is frequently the picture I get when I try to give some mythical embodiment to the Gaia hypothesis. If there is an integrating intelligence at work in the planet all around me, I sense it is not a human intelligence. It is at once something greater and more primal: a wisdom like that of the body in its stubborn will to pursue the tasks that physical survival demands." She is self perpetuating in her designs. Orbs,fairies,elves,ufo's,aliens and mysterious creatures that pop in and out of this world. Some are so bizarre that they could only be seen as a nightmare come to life. Some of the designs are absurd,some frightening and others just downright puzzling. I have watched and learned from my elders and they each had their own take on this intelligence, but in the is still the same for each of us:
"The Earth is alive". When people ask me if bigfoot is a life form I always say yes, but when they ask me about the glowing red eyed Bigfoot that disappear or are working with the Aliens... I end up telling them the truth as I and my elders see it. I am a very blunt person who tells it like it is. Unfortunately people often times do not want to hear the truth. How can they fit the concept of living with an intelligent being that may have a sense of humor at their expense? A being that creates other entities to interact with us to watch our reactions? It is almost like being in a lab experiment gone awry. Luckily for me Science was always one of my favorite subjects.

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