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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bigfoot creation

My Ki'ho'sa is a kind of husband of Shilup chitoh osh, the earth. Sometimes we say that this One is a kind of reptile from the ancient times who can take on a big hairy form.He is both spirit and real being. We say that he walks with one foot in both worlds. "They exist in another dimension from us, but can appear in this dimension whenever they have a reason to. There are many levels, many dimensions. When your time in this one is finished, we move on to the next, but the Ki'ho'sa can go between there and here. We associate them with other beings that come to our world. Bigfoot and the and the little people are spiritual or interdimensional beings who can enter or leave our physical dimension as they please, and choose to whom they will show themselves, always for a reason. We believe they were created before humans. They were caretakers of this world/realm and longed for another species as intelligent as they are, so Great Spirit created man, but this small, fragile being was noisome and abusive of the planet. They multiplied much too fast and caused strife among the animals, so the Ste'ye'mah (bigfoot) cried out to Great Spirit asking him to destroy the humans before they destroyed the planet. Great Spirit explained that it was impossible to remove man as they had just as much right to be here as they did. As a compromise, Great Spirit created a doorway to another Earth where there were no humans to bother the Big Men. He allowed the Ste'ye'mah the ability to come and go from this home world Earth to the new home whenever they chose. Thus giving them the job still as caretakers of this realm, but being able to leave when they tire of humans antics.

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