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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Orbs anyone?

I believe that orbs are some type of "consciousness." What kind -- guides, angels, dearly departed -- no one knows. One house I've investigated has a room with orbs, plasma, and apparitions. My theory is that there might possibly be a portal on that piece of land. The theory of departed loved ones watching over the house's residents cannot be disputed either.
Others believe there's more than one dimension in our world. Anywhere from five to an infinity. And in these other dimensions, other consciousness 'live' and on occasion enter ours and communicate -- or stumble in by accident. They've always been here, but it's only now that so many people have had the technology to capture them. Maybe they're trying to tell us something -- about ourselves, about the world around us, about our future as a planet.
Orbs Basic Truths:

1) They are real, interdimensional vehicles. Known to the Egyptians as 'sun boats' and referred to in the Bible as 'merkabah'. This is not an exaggerated claim. Many people believe that this is part of what God made when he created us. It is where we go and how we get around after this life. The phenomenon known as an out-of-body experience involves this aspect of our spiritual makeup. Another little-known aspect of our own existence.

2) Orbs, real ones, can be sensed or heard. The 'sound' they make is a super-high tone, chiefly heard inside of the head. Inside or past the ear, beyond normal hearing. A good time to look for one is when you sense this phenomena near you. Looks like a barely-visible ball of energy floating near you. Among those who are familiar with real orb contact are accounts of the orb speaking telepathically to them.

3) True orbs have different appearances, and more than one type exists. The first type, the human spirit or ghost type are usually seen at about eye-level to about ceiling height, and are often filmed in graveyards and "haunted" locations. The human spirit type may appear larger than some of the other types of orbs.

4) Another type of orb is used in conjunction with electromagnetic vehicles (formerly known as UFOs). They serve to assist and shield the beings inside the craft, as well as being used as a means of propulsion. They primarily are seen high up in the sky, higher than the human spirit orbs, although they are, on occaision also seen at eye-level. This is believed to be due to their higher dimensional level of existence. These are the fully visible orbs seen in photos and video we will share, which are capable of invisibility, and extremely high speed flight.

5) Yet another type of orb is known. It is considered to be a spiritual aspect of the ET visitors, much like the human spirit orbs are an aspect of us. They often have a more detailed and complex appearance which can at times contain figures and or faces. To the eye, it resembles a face or figure, sometimes inside an orb, sometimes not. This is a type of orb that is rarely photographed, but photos of them do exist.

"High Electromagnetic distortions create 'Temporal Event Horizons' (ie. black holes, vortexes) which allows the orb to pass through with no difficulty. The Temporal Event Horizon acts as a buffer helping to keep the orb in a state of constant energy and stability while slipping just outside of time and space."

Depending on the size of what is coming through from the higher dimension into our third dimension will be the size of distortion in the plasma (ether) field. I will try to describe to you as I see this plasma field (space) and matter within:
Space is a fluid ..Hence a field of plasma..Hence a 'plasma field'. . Its motion or state of being is 'Guided by Matter' . Thus an orb or space craft or other type of matter going through it would affect its field. Think of a boat propelling itself through water - the faster and larger the boat - the more distortion of the water it is going through .
According to Charles Vind , "A particle (matter) with positive gravity would have a spin rotating inward pulling in fluid and an a particle with negative gravity would have a spin pushing out fluid or an outward spin. The faster the rate of motion or rotation (frequency) would thus determine the gravity and therefore the mass of the particle. So all elementary particles of matter would essentially be FLUID in MOTION around a CLOSED CIRCULAR PATH. All forms of matter could also be seen essentially
as specific PATTERNS of MOTION in the great SEA of FLUID that constitutes the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE."
This fluid is a life force to matter. It feeds matter with energy and this energy is ''electromagnetic' ..thus it falls under 'electromagnetism'

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