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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Evil is Evil No Way Around It

The concept of Satan does not go far enough in its explanation of this entity. This concept actually encompasses all of these entities that are simply called Black Souls. These Black Souls or entities when seen psychically are totally black in outline with absolutely no light shining around their outline at all! I am talking here about the very essence of their soul or spirit, not about their physical incarnated bodies.

In opposite to these things are the others when seen psychically show a white radiating light all around their soul or spirit outline essence! These particular souls don't destroy and create evil for others. They build constructively in opposite to what these Black Souls do.

Eon's ago these Black Entities migrated to this planet and created this total garbage dump that presently exists right now. Its a very constructive place not to be incarnated into. Right.

Many of these souls with the white radiating light around them were sent by God or the Creator and the Upper Hierarchy of spirits to correct this planetary mess which these Black Entities created here.

Usually when I deliver sermons I try very hard to keep them positive. Very seldom do I speak of hellfire and brimstone. But, in this instance I feel it is very important for me to get my point across about this world and the beings that live on it, in it and under it. The New Testament book of Revelation (Apocalypse)5:13 leaves no doubt that suberranean races exist beneath both land and sea on this earth:

"And every creature (race or people) which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth, and such as are in the sea"....

Rev.5:13 No man in heaven, in earth, neither under the earth was able to open the book nor look thereupon..."

Now, why do I quote these scriptures here? Because as humans that live upon this massive ball traveling around our sun, we are under the scientific impression that we are alone here. WE ARE NOT!

Think about every single socalled fairy tale,legend or story you have heard about fairies,elves,gnomes,trolls,monsters etc. They use glamour magic to fool us. They are highly intelligent and banished to the underworld for a reason. They are evil. When interacting with them we must remember that they are represented as tricksters and liars in every single history of their kind. They were banished to the below for a reason.

I post this because it has come to my attention that there are some on this site who insist on believing everything they are told by these creatures. I interact with them as they have found a way through my defenses around my property, we had an earthquake about 7 yrs.ago and they are prolific now that there is a big crack letting them out. I am NOT telling anyone to NOT interact, I believe that everyone can learn something at some time even from something evil. The trick is to be prepared to disbelieve any and everything they tell you. And when you are sick of them, order them back where they come from by reciting the Lords prayer or simply ordering them in the name of Heavenly Father. You are a piece of him you know, so you have this ability. He knew they were here and gave us a way to protect ourselves. Use it.

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