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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fairies and UFOnauts are the Same People!!

When people tell me they have had a UFO experience and were taken off planet, I always correct them and explain "you THINK you were taken off planet, but in actuality you need to understand that there are NO aliens from outer space, they are residents of this planet Earth that have existed since before humanity. They are/were confined to the inner earth areas of this planet, but have found a way around the confinment and are re-appearing on the surface. This usually gets me a "are you nuts?" look, but as I go on to compare the UFO visitors with the ancient stories and legends of the Wee Folk,Fairies,Goblins,Trolls etc. The abductee actually begins to understand and eventually it really does make more sense than an alien from a bazillion miles away coming to stick something up your nose or behind. Think about all of the legends we humans have of the nasty neighbors and you will begin to wonder too. Rumplestiltzkin wanted a baby(why?)genetic material obviously, Fairies steal babies too you know(leaving their sick ones as replacements). Dragons come topside to have sex with Chinese royalty to produce the dragon lineages etc. I can go on and on here folks. I am hoping that this blog will make you think long and hard when you see a mysterious light in the sky, look earthward first!!

So what do we have so far, if we combine folk traditions, mythological and religious traditions, and literary constructions? At first glance, it might seem disparate at best, but the inhabitants of the various underworlds remain surprisingly consistent in their general forms and dispositions, when examined more closely. We can start with a basic look at their physical and other attributes:

1. They are more or less reptilian, sometimes mostly human, sometimes very scaly indeed. Others, perhaps the result of liaison or gene-mixing with surface humans, are described as "fair," "nordic," or "Aryan." The true origins or identity of the latter are generally betrayed by some inherent flaw of form or behavior.

2. They are telepathic, hypnotic, or possessed of other "superior" mental powers.

3. They can create "glamour" or illusion, either as faeries, or as shapeshifters.

4. They possess superior technologies, including cloning and genetic engineering, in some instances manufacturing artificial lifeforms to do their bidding. Some of their servants are often humanoid and hairy, others are scaled or even winged, most are bipedal and anthropomorphic. They possess the secret of immortality, or the formula for extreme longevity. Some possess the power of flight as well, via either aircraft or by self-propelled means.

5. They are interested in human reproduction and interbreeding, or in reproduction in general. Reproductive survival seems to be essential to their agenda in nearly any given scenario. They need human flesh, or blood, or reproductive materials.

6. They are more often than not the enemies of mankind.

7. They do not like the light of the exterior sun (Sol). As a general rule, they cannot survive for long, or sometimes at all, in the surface world.

8. They are banished, exiled, imprisoned, lost, or in hiding from the surface world, or from the sun.

9. They are secretive about their entrances and their treasures or knowledge, as well as their true nature or identity.

10. They influence human events or circumstances whenever it suits their purpose, or appeals to their whims.

11. They have surface humans in their employ, through priesthoods, cults, or secret societies.

12. And not touched upon thus far, but prevalent in most underworld traditions, is the strange fact that they are often accompanied by unpleasant or noxious odors, described as "sulphur and brimstone," "sulphurous," or "like rotten eggs." This is the smell of hydrogen sulfide, a very real chemical compound which is found in great quantities deep within the Earth. This will be explored further as well.

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