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Saturday, October 10, 2009


By age 4 my mother had passed. My father was at his wits end trying to keep me occupied with learning. I had the definitions of Webster's Dictionary read and reread. He tried to keep me entertained by purchasing an electronics board to build my own radio sets etc. I used them all within a month and decided that I was going to build a time machine as Orson Wells was my favorite author. This actually kept me busy through the summer until he could enroll me into Kindergarten. I was the only 4 yr. old in the class and after 3 months they IQ tested me. They had to replace me into the 4th grade. Unfortunately, the older kids did not take kindly to a 4 yr. old in class so the relocated me to the 2nd grade and gave me 4th grade material to work from. So began my elementary learning experiences. I was constantly bored and the Ants were teaching me everything that I asked about or for. By age 10 I had learned to make Lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD for my babysitter who was 17. I was keeping him well supplied with drugs and looking to make any type of chemical compound that I could. The Ants did not stop or impede my learning and actually seemed satisfied with my curiousity.

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