We all are connected

Friday, November 19, 2010


Why are certain individuals prone to see ufo's, while others arenot? Why do some have one vivid ufo sighting while others experiencerepeated encounters with extraterrestrial or interdimensionaloccupants over long periods of time? I've seen dozens and dozens ofufo's which I know do not match any conventional explanation. I havealso encountered at any hour of the day, anywhere, alone or withfriends a number of sentient beings.

I began to wonder why?

I'mwondering if my being able to sense a ufo is closely linked to it'sspectrum and my ability to sense that specific vibration. UFO's emitcertain para frequencies of color and sound, for instance to berecognised and analysed only by those tuned to perceive.

If whatI'm thinking is correct, another question is: what allows me to becapable of perceiving a frequency that others cannot? Was Iintentionally prepared , perhaps by the ufo occupants interference viagenetic manipulation or by simple evolution( I intuit that the functionof non - coding DNA may apply here) to register frequencies that mostof earth'a human population does not and for that reason I am able tosense them, see them and hear them before others?

we are Divine Spirits~

I believe that because everything is part of Divine Spirit, everything that exists also contains a fragment of Spirit. Like a fragment of a mirror is still a mirror in itself, so the fragments of Spirit are still Spirit. But we refer to them as the spirit of a plant or a stone or a place.

While most of these spirits are closely related to a material thing, some spirits have no material form at all. The most well-known of these are Gods and Goddesses. They are powerful fragments of Spirit who express the Life Force more purely than we ever could.

Each God or Goddess has his or her particular personality and energy. It is as if the glass of each of these windows has a different colour. So if we choose to work with a particular God or Goddess, or they choose us, we percieve the light of Spirit in one particular refraction. No God or Goddess known to humans can ever express all the truth of Life and Spirit.

It is the task of each of us to become clear and transparent as a window ourselves, so that we, too, can let the light shine through.

We are all interconnected

We are all One Spirit, we are all interconnected. These interconnections are like filaments in a spider's web. Everything is connected to everything else in an infinite Web of relationships.

We are all connected to and dependent on each other. There are obvious connections, like the one between me and the farmer who grew the wheat that became the bread that I eat. Or the one between me and the worm whose little tunnels air the soil of the field where that wheat grew.

But the relationships are also more subtle. I believe that our relationship with each other is also emotional and spiritual. I believe that there will be pain and emotional distress in the human community, as long as we don't acknowledge our intimate relationship with the Earth and begin to put right some of the damage we have done.

Yet on the other hand I also believe that we humans, individually, are powerless to correct that damage until we have healed from some of the damage that has been done to us. We have to heal our own pain inflicted on us by our culture or the circumstances of our lives in order to become clear, transparent enough to become a window and let the light through.

I believe that his healing can happen through a more conscious relationship with Spirit all around us and with the cycles of Naure. These cycles are made explicit on the Wheel of Life.